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Sorry to have missed last month’s blog post but I was beat after the wedding and multiple deadlines. June is going to be a slower-paced month, lol. Wedding, accomplished, and deadlines met. Whew!

Frost Museum Miami

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with Bri and Ceci, and we did something brand new to all of us—the Frost Museum in Miami is incredible and has a three-story indoor aquarium with sharks, a giant turtle, and all kids of fish. I love seahorses and jellyfish and we got to admire both up close. We were in a planetarium and saw a short film on earth narrated by Liam Neeson. But the coolest was totally by chance that there was a Sherlock Holmes exhibit.

Now, they had actual letters written by Arthur Conan Doyle on display before he hit the big time. In 1887, he was a physician wanting to earn money with his writing. A Study in Scarlet is his debut with Sherlock and the letter to the editor is one where he says he will take any sum for the piece as he just wants to publish it.

He was just like any newbie writer wanting to make his way and now, over a hundred plus years later, Sherlock is the most recognizable fictional detective ever. He still is portrayed to this day. I was a big fan of the series, Elementary with Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller. And honestly, I loved the movie Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. It was inspiring to get a glimpse of Arthur Conan Doyle’s beginnings—just like us, he had a dream. Don’t give up!!

These days I am writing more mystery than romance, though I do at least one By the Sea a year to add to my series. Just One Kiss is a sweet romance that I wrote for Entangled, and it will be on sale July 5th for only 99 cents.  This year I will be writing another Christmas romance that takes place on the West Coast. The cool ocean fog is conducive to snuggling! It will be on sale in a new Unforgettable boxed set, which has to be the best value out there for a romance reader.

I plan on doing some relaxing and reading this summer myself—how about you? Share in the comments your summer plans! I will be in San Diego for a few weeks with my daughter and granddaughter. Reading, relaxing, repeat.



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