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Authors’ Billboard Blog Traci Hall April 6, 2022

Spinning plates? Try adding a wedding!

Eric Brenn—famous for plate spinning, on the Ed Sullivan Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb6NS_F5xTE

So, watching this video totally stresses me out LOL—and I get completely why we say, life is like spinning plates. We are all trying our best to keep things moving and not let anything fall. You know, so it doesn’t break.

Thank you, Sheryl McGavin, for this blog topic, which really got me thinking. Every one of us is unique and will have different priorities. It seems like this year has started off at super speed—probably because the last two years have been…a slower pace. Now all of sudden we have doctor’s appointments we might have let slide, or the dentist, or, like me, the optometrist. My last appointment was FOUR years ago, and the doctor was a little put out. Hey—my eyes are healthy and my prescription didn’t change.

In addition to the PANDEMIC plate, and the looming fear of WWW THREE plate that we all share, I have book contracts (thank you, thank you!) editing projects, oh, and a freaking wedding. This is where my eye twitches. I figured, go to a nice venue and everything will take care of itself. The wedding is very small because of the Pandemic plate, but we also still wanted to have a celebration because of the other major plate—as in, life is short, eat cake. Now I am completely mixing my metaphors.

So. Beach wedding—gorgeous outdoor views. Just found out that the airshow will be that weekend.  That is not a plate I had planned on spinning. I am questioning my dress. I didn’t want white but hoped for something in periwinkle, but it’s more a stormy shade. I have vacillated on an arch—not wanting to detract from the beautiful ocean and sand dunes. What if people think we didn’t decorate enough? And flowers? I know what I want, but because I used to be a florist, I want to do it myself. Simple and easy vibe however, there is only so much time.

I worry that the guests will be bored. Palm to forehead—no, or I might drop a damn plate.

We are not having a traditional wedding—we didn’t want one. We are celebrating with family and doing it low-key. Yet no matter how many times I say low-key, we still need to hire a photographer—actually, that plate can be put down gently—Christopher booked that last night. Cake, check—the place cards are in the mail. I didn’t realize that I should have included a meal card in the invitation, so I have to call everyone to get their meal choice. Spin, spin, spin.

Hair? Nails? Grooming appointment to get rid of third eyebrow? And, taxes are due. I can’t even think about that until after April 15th. Marriage license at the courthouse. That’s a biggie.

This reminds me of a book I wrote, Forever by the Sea…I loved that story, and Sinead and Christian—in love since kindergarten, but had the hardest time making it down the aisle. Yes, challenges make us stronger, lalalalala… https://www.amazon.com/Forever-Sea-Contemporary-Traci-Hall-ebook/dp/B01LFM01ZU

Unforgettable Lovers

Oh yeah—we need to write our vows. Christopher is just as crazy busy as I am between turning in copy edits for The Chamber, out in September, and the new Amazon ad product he’s launching. We’ve even given up our Sundays off, for half days. We are completely out of balance, but plan a nice honeymoon in September. Yes. September.

My advice to myself, and to anyone who might need to hear this—

Are your plates spinning out of control???

Let them fall, and make mosaic art.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Forever by the Sea, you should check it out—it’s fun, and they get their happy ever after in the end!! It’s included in the Unforgettable Weddings boxed set with other amazing authors.

Happy spring, friends,


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