The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

New Series from Netflix

What a wild title.
What a great show!

Kristen Bell stars in the new Netflix show The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. I started watching it because I love Kristen Bell. But to be honest, I was reluctant to invest the time where there are so many great shows out right now. I said to myself, “another movie with this same storyline again? So soon? How many times can we see this same movie?”

I watched another Netflix movie last year about an isolated woman with some kind of phobia/trauma who sits in her window all day and witnesses a murder. That movie, starring Amy Adams was also great, but it was a full-blown thriller.

This is not. It’s a parody. It pokes fun at the genre by including elements from movies like “Rear Window, The Woman in the Window, The Girl on the Train. But, this series is not a thriller. It’s a parody. It’s over-the-top hysterical. You will stare at the screen in shock and think, is she dreaming? She must be dreaming!

After binge-watching all the episodes in two nights, what I really need to know is, can an entire bottle of wine fit in one large wine glass?

If you want a fun whodunnit then check this show out. My only complaint is that there are only eight episodes and they’re only 30 minutes long. Way too fast to even get through my huge glass of wine!

Enjoy friends!

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