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My beloved Aunt Joan passed away today and since she was the subject of a post I wrote years ago entitled WOMB MATES, I hope you’ll forgive this repeat as I honor her. Please read through until the end – where you’ll find FREE goodies, new releases, and collections ready to read right now and a pre-order you’ll salivate over. Mentions of my dear husband are there too. Thanks, you are always so kind.

“Joe and I recently traveled to Virginia for a family reunion because my aunt was about to turn 83 years young, and we were also going to celebrate my cousin’s milestone birthday, too.  I was excited to be going because I hadn’t seen my aunt since 2009, shortly after my mother passed.  

Over the course of the weekend, my aunt and I shared some spirited conversations about life in general and what we’d been doing since last we’d met.  However, the statements she made that were most mesmerizing was sharing how it feels to be the surviving twin once a an adored sibling is gone.

Aunt Joan has always referred to Mom as her Womb Mate.  Mom was a dependent kind of woman, while Aunt was independent and a doer.  She stood close by my mom, her sister, and took care of her, emotionally and financially, especially after my parents divorced. Whenever Aunt visited us, she used her gift of comedic wit to make us all laugh.  I can’t remember a time that Aunt didn’t have Mom peeing her pants with her outrageous sense of humor and satires. They were two of a kind in that department, and although Mom was needy at times, she never lost her own good humor, or the ability to love and be loved. Mom was also a talented artist, and her paintings grace the walls of every single family member’s homes. That she relied on others bothered no one, because she was a shing star in her own right.

So, when we arrived at my aunt’s house, I was totally taken aback with her resemblance to Mom, perhaps for the first time ever.  Mom and Aunt are fraternal twins, but as they grew older, their mannerisms and speech patterns became nearly identical.  

The visit we had shared proved to be a powerful reminder of how much we both loved and missed Mom.  I think my Aunt Joan may miss her more than I do, if such a thing is possible because they shared their mother’s body.

They were Womb Mates, after all. And that’s kind of cool when you think about it…

Anyhow, I’m honored to share my new release CASEY’S CHARADE is a Bestselling New Release in two categories!

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One of my favorite stories Evasion: Do No Harm, will be free beginning Feb 1-5. You won’t want to miss this one: “As the daughter of a Native American chief, Remi soon has to rely on ancestral instinct to save herself.
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I LOVE to receive email from my readers and this one touched my heart. I received it after Don’t Bruise the Bananas was released, which is based on my true-to-life experiences on how I became a widow.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Dear Susan

I have just finished reading Don’t Bruise the Bananas and was taken anew on the very similar journey I experienced with my late husband four years ago. In the story of Jay and Cindy, you captured the essence of the relationship between my husband of 40 years and I with the tumor, sarcasm,  road trips. Your depiction of Jay’s final journey totally took me down a very sad memory lane with your realistic description of the stages of that dreadful illness.  Even though it was upsetting to relive, I had to read to the end.

The only difference in your story was that I spoke to God and not my spiritual ancestors but my husband often had dreams of his deceased brother, father, and grandfather who were calling him to join them.  This upset him as he wanted to stay with me and our three adult children.  When he first started to have these dreams, it was before he was diagnosed, and I told him to tell his family it wasn’t his time. Six months later we had to give him permission to leave us to rejoin his spiritual family.

Your poignant story was very realistically written, and I could hear the echo of my husband’s wit and quiet suffering and endurance throughout. Although very upsetting, it was a good reminder of my husband, Antonio’s character, and his final journey after many long, enjoyable road trips together. Thank you.”

Here’s the book link if you’d like to peek:

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Hey, thanks for sticking around – because there’s so much joy in sharing fine romances and good news. Hugs!

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A USA Today, Award-Winning Author, Susan Jean Ricci is best known for her Cindy's Crusades Series, starring the hilarious duo Cindy and Jay DeMatteo. These characters were first introduced in the multi-award winning novel Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, and return to entertain you in its sequel The Sugar Ticket. Look for the soon to be published, and final saga Don't Bruise the Bananas 2020. Cindy and Jay's mischief making lives on in these shorts: A Sweet Snafu, Christmas With Niagara, His Sacred Vow, Passion's Secret Ingredient, and Turning up the Heat. Please also consider the other stand alone works of fiction and short stories in Ms. Ricci's collection, with more to come later this year. A member of the RWA, The Authors' Billboard, and the Independent Authors' Network, several of Ms. Ricci's titles have been recognized as the Women's Outstanding Fiction Winner in the IAN 2016 and as IAN finalists in 2017, 2018, 2019.

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