Rising from the Ashes: Forever in my Heart

My fifteen-year-old granddaughter, Eleni, never ceases to amaze me. This is her latest creation, a reverse Advent calendar. Each of the tiny presents are numbered, and instead of taking them away one by one, the presents, each with a tiny dot of velcro on them, are added under the tree until December 25th. What a neat idea, and one that really brightened my day.

This has been a tough year for many people, and I’ll admit to a few dark days of my own. Instead of being filled with holiday spirit, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Usually November and December were filled with activity as I prepared for the holiday season, but this year, with the virus still active and affecting so many people, I spent more time writing than running around shopping. Have I mentioned what a good online shopper I’ve become?

Inspired and Productive

In all of my novels, I tend to have a universal trope. I enjoy writing stories that show people overcoming adversity. Regardless of the genre, my characters have to deal not only with an external problem, but with an internal one. I feel that this year, more than ever, people have to know that they will strive not only to survive but to overcome.

During a lull of sorts in the virus restrictions, my husband and I took a trip aboard The Rocky Mountaineer to celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary. We met some incredible people. The trip and the friends we met inspired me to write Emerald Glow, the newest romantic comedy book in my Cocktails for You series and currently available in the Cute But Crazy, Quirky Careers boxset. This romantic comedy was inspired not only by the incredible scenery, the people we met, but also by my university friend’s latest hobby, photography. She was the first to read the completed manuscript and loved it. In her words:I finished reading Emerald Glow moments ago. Quite simply, I loved it. You are so very talented and imaginative. I valued learning about your actual tour – you share so many salient details. I am ready to book the same trip! Incorporating the descriptions of sites and historical information is brilliant. And you keep your reader in your clutches!! Lee and Sasha are so real. Their newly made friends, especially Sue and John, are fun and sweeeet! Best Christmas present ever. Thanks Susanne.

Did I mention I wrote myself and my husband into the story?

She’s given up on finding the right man. After a painful divorce, he’s sworn off women. But you don’t always get what you want, especially when a typo can spell disaster.

Following a breakup that’s soured her opinion of men, photographer Lee Andrews is hoping this assignment for an online e-zine will help her set her life on the right path. If she can stay focused on her job and ignore the opposite sex, so much the better.
Alexander Fedorov is a burned out journalist, tired of covering one disaster after another. His recent divorce has left him bitter and determined to stay as far away from the female sex as possible. This new assignment offers a change of pace. As long as he can avoid meddlesome females, he’ll be fine.
When they meet, sparks fly and personalities clash, especially when the full impact of a small typo and making assumptions makes itself known loud and clear. Both are determined to be adult about the situation, keep their distance, and complete the job. But that may be easier said than done, especially when the attraction they feel for each other is magnetic.

This boxset is available from Amazon and is free to read in Kindle Unlimited. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09GYKGCGM

Good For More Than One Book

The inspiration provided by the trip didn’t stop with Emerald Glow. Driving along those roads with their massive cliffs and warning signs — watch for animals and avalanches — had me wondering about accidents along them, especially in inclement weather. Once more, I did a little research, and using what I’d learned on the trip as well as what I’d seen, I came up with a second plot.

I’ve long been fascinated by twins. I went to high school with three sets of identical twins and have fraternal twin cousins. Shortly after we’d planned our trip, I happened to watch a rerun of The Parent Trap, the old one where Hayley Mills played both twins who were separated young when their parents divorced. That got me thinking, so I did more research on twins, identical, fraternal, monoamniotic, and mirror. That research, along with the previous one, led me to Forever in my Heart., the newest addition to my Winter Weddings Series.

All Callista Hayworth has ever wanted was to be loved. Callie’s heart was crushed six years ago when she walked in on her twin sister in the arms of her fiancé. She fled Timberton and cut all ties with the last member of her family. She’s rebuilt her life, but some things can never be fixed. When she learns of the tragic accident that has orphaned her infant nieces, she sets aside her anger and returns to the scene of her greatest heartache. What she doesn’t expect is her reaction to the twins’ uncle and his proposition.
Michael Branscomb swore off women years ago, after the woman he loved left him for his best friend. A deathbed promise to his twin brother has to be honored. The last thing the confirmed bachelor wants or needs is a wife and children, but you don’t always get what you want. He’ll do almost anything for his twin, but can he marry a stranger?
When he meets Callie, commonsense goes out the window, and he proposes a marriage of convenience, offering each of them an end to loneliness and a promise at the future they want.
Will the spirit of Christmas convince Callie to give him a chance, especially when there’s a Grinch in the works determined to see the past repeat itself?

Forever in my Heart is exclusive to Amazon and available to read in Kindle Unlimited, or by ebook. The paperback will be released in January 2022. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09P5NDZVY

That’s it for today. I’ll see you all next year!

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I'm a retired high school English teacher turned author. I'm Canadian. My husband and I have been married 48 years and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren, as well as 2 step-grandchildren.  I enjoy traveling, especially somewhere warm in winter.

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