Who’s Ready for Christmas 2021?

Our tree

Christmas is, and has always been, my favorite time of the year, especially when there were young children in the family who still believed in the jolly old elf. Back in those days, we had a ritual. Part of it was attending the Santa Claus parade, decorating the tree, participating in the church Christmas pageant, having a home visit from Santa Claus himself, visiting the festive beauty of Alight at Night at Upper Canada Village, enjoying Christmas dinner with family and friends, some of whom left us in 2019, and of course, hoping for snow, lots and lots of snow.

But everything changed in 2020. Last Christmas, the one where we were forced to quarantine, stopped us from participating in many things. I became an online shopper par excellence, not daring to venture out into stores for anything but the basics. There was no parade, no in-person pageant, no Alight at Night, no home visit from Santa, and a much scaled back Christmas dinner. The only thing that came, and even that was less than normal, was the snow.

Times Change, or Do they?

I’m hopeful things will change this year. Christmas 2021 may be almost normal–not the way it was, but close. Thanks to the vaccines, we are no longer in quarantine. Having had three doses of the Pfizer vaccine as well as my flu shot, I’m ready to venture out into society once more. That being said, I’ve become quite comfortable shopping online and attending Sunday service virtually, but there’s a new normal on the horizon. The parade went on as usual this year, the grandkids come today to help me decorate the tree again this year, the church pageant is set for December 12th and we’ll attend it and the Christmas Eve service in person. One of our sons will be coming home, and together we’ll be going to Upper Canada Village to see the lights. While there’s no longer a home visit from Santa, we are expecting plenty of snow, unlike parts of the world struggling with atmospheric rivers and flooding. Here’s hoping everything settles down before the holiday season gets into full swing.

Christmas Reading

Since I like Christmas, it only makes sense to enjoy novels on the topic and the ABB has a wonderful selection for your enjoyment.

So, as I sign off, I wish you all a happy holiday season. May your days be filled with love and sunshine.

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I'm a retired high school English teacher turned author. I'm Canadian. My husband and I have been married 48 years and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren, as well as 2 step-grandchildren.  I enjoy traveling, especially somewhere warm in winter.

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