It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

It’s seventy degrees in South Florida this morning and the chill in the air really does change the mood toward something a bit more, well, festive. I love the holidays as much as the next person however, I am happy to enjoy them as they come and I’m not a November 1st Christmas tree prepper. Writing Christmas stories in July for the Authors’ Billboard series also helps get in the mood. There is something romantic about the holidays, and in Christmas on Misty Beach, my contribution to Unforgettable Christmas Promises, Crystal and Joe are center stage.

She’s a nursing student, and he’s a fireman. He’s had his heart destroyed before and she’s told herself that she has but in reality, has been protecting her heart. I love this couple—like, I could hang out with them and have beers and play darts. Go to the beach for bonfires and marshmallows. And the dogs. Oh my goodness, the dogs. You see, Crystal also works at a shelter so saving pups is hugely important.

As some of you know, our Pippa crossed the rainbow bridge back in June. I’m ready to find our next pet. So, I am on many adoption sites so that we can find our pup. There are so many wonderful puppies and dogs out there that could use a home and it is so hard to say no to a pair of soulful canine eyes. In fact, I’m the one that is searching because my CH would adopt them all lol.

Meet Joe Mallory and Crystal Bishop! He’s a fireman, she’s a hot mess. Add dogs, a sick dad, and the holidays, and you’ve got a romance for the ages.

When fireman Joe Mallory answers a Thanksgiving Day emergency at a local residence, his guarded heart skips a beat all because of Crystal Bishop, a hardworking nursing student who’s the perfect mix of bold and shy. Her lightheartedness makes him question the single life he’s chosen. While rushing into a burning building comes with the job, romancing Crystal offers a whole different kind of risk. Will her laughter, dogs, and family, challenge his beliefs about forever?

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