Out of Town at Last

If you’ve been reading my posts on this blog for a while, you might remember that I used to write a lot about trips my husband and I had taken. Then–Covid struck. It arrived, unbeknownst to most of us, in January 2020. At the time we were on a very memorable cruise to Antarctica. Traveling down to the frozen southernmost parts of the world was an awesome experience. Adventure travel was one kind of trip we used to enjoy. But we’ve been home since that last glorious trip, cautiously venturing out to a few restaurants and to see vaccinated friends. Really, thanks to the vaccines, the pandemic should have been finished by July of this year. Then a whole bunch of people decided not to get the jab–leaving themselves and the rest of us skating on thin ice again.

Recently a friend of ours invited us down to her house at Bethany Beach, Delaware. It’s only three hours from home by car, but we made the most of the brief escape. To get there, we crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Our first stop was on Kent Island, where we had lunch at The Narrows Restaurant. Here’s the pretty flower garden outside the front door.

We’d been there on a previous trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Now we relaxed over plates of Crab Benedict and Baked Imperial Twins (crab imperial on English muffins). Unfortunately, the porch that hangs over the water was already full. But we could sit at a window table looking out at the bay as we ate lunch. We declined dessert because Norman had looked up an ice cream shop on our route.

We stopped at Vanderwende’s Farm Creamery to visit their Kodak-moment cows and have ice cream.

I know there are a lot of exotic flavors these days, but I stuck with my traditional strawberry cone. Norman had strawberry and chocolate. To me a cone is part of the fun, unless it’s so hot the ice cream is gonna melt all over me. But he had his in a cup.

Then on to Bethany Beach, Delaware. I had been there a long time ago as a teenager with my mom and sister. Back then, I think there was one store where you could buy groceries. Now there’s a proper beach town area where we could wander around buying saltwater taffy and look at the other summer goods like tee shirts and souvenir hats. There were also some tempting restaurants, but our friend declared restaurants off-limits, so we had every meal at home–with the ladies doing the cooking.

We drove over to the beach.

But perhaps the highlight of the trip was Assateague Island, home of the famous wild ponies. (Raccoons in the wild were a bonus.) My friend told me that on some visits, she doesn’t see any horses, but on this trip there were lots of them grazing beside the road.

We knew a group if them was coming up when the traffic slowed to a crawl. The only disappointment was at the park visitors center. Because Covid interfered again, the small theater where they have movies about the park and the ponies was closed.

And then back toward home–with a stop at the outlet shopping mall near Kent Island. No, I didn’t buy anything.

It wasn’t a long vacation. It wasn’t far from home. But it whetted my appetite for more and longer trips in the future. Do you have any travel plans?

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  1. You were in my neck of the woods! I’m so glad you had a good time. We, too, have been good and truly pinned down by the pandemic. I don’t know when we will feel safe enough to travel again.

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