The End of a Hard Summer

Summer is my second favorite season–after spring. I love watching the world come back to life in March and April. That morphs into summer, with all its glorious flowers. (The downside is the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes.

Now summer’s coming to an end, and it’s been a mixed bag. I suppose the worst thing for me is all the construction in front of my house–first the replacement of a manhole right by the walk to the street. And now there’s a big water pipe replacement project underway.

The construction company piled all the water pipes right in front of my house, so there’s hardly anywhere to park. That was doubly inconvenient Sunday when it was our turn to host our informal duplicate bridge group. We had to tell everyone that they could drop people off in front, but they would have to park on the street behind our house. (Luckily, there IS a street back there.)

That set several processes in motion. Norman tends to let his office degenerate into a monumental trash dump. (Sorry, I didn’t shoot a before picture, but trust me, stuff was piled on every horizontal surface except the chair he uses at the computer.) I told him that since everybody would be coming in through the office door, the room had to look “normal.” To my delight, he went into cleaning overdrive. The results are below.

The weird mess behind the big Kliban cat in the corner is my fault. I folded up my treadmill, and it’s behind the cat.

Of course, cleaning up the office wasn’t quite enough. The guests would be coming in through the garden, so I spent a lot of time making sure it looked its best.

Then, of course, there’s Covid-19. It would be under control by now, but no. So many people have refused to be vaccinated that the world is nowhere back to normal. We’re still wearing masks to go shopping, and I wonder if I’m taking my life into my hands every time we go to a restaurant. Of course, we’re not doing our usual traveling. Thank the lord for Zoom meetings.

On the plus side, I’m getting more writing done. And I’ve finally found an exercise I can enjoy on a regular basis–water walking. I go to the nice warm “therapy pool” at the Athletic Club less than a mile from my house three times a week. Currently I wear my suit under a long tee shirt and come back wet. How long can I run around like that outside? Maybe with global warming. I can do it into December.

What have you been doing this summer?

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