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How To EatI don’t know about you, but I love food. There aren’t very many food items that I won’t eat. Over the course of my life, I’ve been skinny and I’ve been chunky. I’m happy to say that, right now, I’m at a weight that is healthy for me. Here are the three simple rules I used to get there.

Eat Mindfully

Three times each day we have the opportunity to truly practice who we are and what we believe. All of us should ask ourselves a few questions about what we’re eating. Are whole foods healthier for me than processed foods? Am I bothered by what the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers is doing to our planet? Am I concerned with GMOs? Do I want to contribute to my local economy? You could probably think of many more profound questions to ponder… and I invite you to suggest them in the comment section.

Eat Just Enough

My beloved father has passed away. But when eating out, his favorite places to go were “all you can eat” buffets. He was obese and suffered with Type 2 Diabetes. I inherited my love of food from my dad and I’ve come to realize that I am often compelled to eat for reasons other than hunger. I try really hard not to do that, although I have to admit that I fail every once in a while.

As I get older, I find that I am eating less. My metabolism has slowed down, so I don’t need as many calories. I feel better when I eat smaller meals; I suffer fewer bouts of heartburn and bloating. I’m not telling you to go hungry. I’m only suggesting that you eat just enough to feel satisfied and then stop.

Eat Mostly Plants

It’s a fact: eating meat contributes to heart disease, cancer, and a shortened life span. And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that animals used for food are treated with abject cruelty. Many years ago, in the time of the hunter/gatherer, there was a deep sense of gratitude, even reverence, offered to any animal that gave its life to the hunter; the sacrifice of the animal was recognized and appreciated. We’ve completely lost sight of that concept. Today, we do the slaughtering in hiding, and the practice is horrendous. A tiny bit of research will show you it’s true. Everyone who eats meat should take the time to really think about how that steak, that bacon, that fried chicken came to be on their plate.

Am I telling you to become vegetarian? Absolutely not. I eat meat. I just don’t eat it very often. And when I do, I do it mindfully.

Reverse Heart Disease

Did you know that a plant-based diet can reverse heart disease? It’s true! Other great reasons to eat mostly plants:

  • Most veggies have only 10 to 50 calories per cup, while 1 cup of cooked ground beef contains 340 calories with 44% saturated fat.
  • Eating plants is better for the environment. It takes 15 pounds of grain to raise 1 pound of beef, and 5 pounds of grain to raise 1 pound of chicken. Animal products are the highest producers of greenhouse gases. It takes 460 gallons of water to produce one quarter-pound hamburger. Wow!
  • It’s cheaper. The average “fast food” meal for a family of 4 costs an average of $24. Well, you can cook a whole pot of lentil soup and serve a fresh salad with a loaf of crusty, fresh-baked bread, and the meal will cost right around $10 for that same family of 4.

I guess what I’m trying to do is get you to think before you eat. I am still a firm believer in the old adage “all things in moderation.” I still have a sweet tooth, and I work hard to get in my 10,000 steps per day, but if we practice more conscious living, all of us will be the better for it.

How do you feel about my 3 simple rules for how to eat? Are there any rules you would add?

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2 Replies to “How To Eat ~ 3 Simple Rules by @Donna_Fasano #HealthyLiving”

  1. Such great rules, Donna! Like you, I’m worried about “quality of life!” Diabetes runs in my family, too, and I never want to have to deal with what my father and grandparents did.

    And since you asked… LOL! The question I ask myself before I head to the fridge: “Am I hungry, or am I thirsty?”

    Most often, other than my three meals, I find that I’m thirsty more than hungry, and if I down a large glass of lemon water with a squeeze of MIO flavoring, it takes away any cravings.

    I AM plant-based, by the way, but I do eat cage-free eggs and sustainable fish, hence the plant-based and not vegan title.

    You’re right… It isn’t that meat is bad for you (or at least it wasn’t); it’s everything they do to it. And I do feel bad when I think about all the animals raised strictly to be food. So…if I’m really craving red meat, which I don’t do very often anymore, I find something non GMO, grass fed, and organic.

    But here’s why I started a plant-based diet… My husband has two types of blood disorders, and eating meat exasperates his symptoms, and me…well, my cholesterol was through the roof!!!! It was so bad that my doctor said she wouldn’t let me leave until I promised to take a STATIN drug to lower it, which I didn’t want to do!!!

    A mostly plant-based diet (with eggs and fish two to three times a week) lowered my triglycerides from 331 (Yes, they were that bad, and I’d thought that I was eating healthy with my low-carb diet) to 62 in less than six months! It also raised my good HDL and lowered my bad LDL. Basically, it was a total flip! So much so, the doctor asked me what on earth I changed!

    And I feel better. I always knew I was lactose intolerant, but when I finally gave up milk, that constant feeling of being overfull or “gassy” completely went away.

    Thank you for this post! It’s good to remind ourselves that we can still enjoy eating; we just have to do it mindfully! <3

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. This is great information.
      Some time ago, I watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives. I highly recommend it for people who are thinking of going plant-based.

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