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Moving HouseOccasionally to challenge my usual sense of well-being I wonder what it would be like to be in hell. Would it be a fiery dungeon filled with gargoyles and wanna be devils armed with sharp pikes and no water? Or would it be a surprisingly freezing tomb, like being packed naked in dry ice unable to stop my body-quaking tremors for eternity? Well, for better or worse, for two weeks I have been in what can only be described as a ‘living hell’. I’ve been moving house!

Out of nowhere…

…in this crazy housing market with home prices going through the roof our landlord came to my daughter and me begging us to break our lease so he could sell the gorgeous house. At first, we refused but the more goodies our landlord offered in a market where renting was getting as out of whack as buying/selling, a house appeared on the market that had everything we could have been looking for. Armed with our landlord’s incentives, we fought to be first in the flurry of offers the owners were considering.

We weren’t deterred when they added a high bar—one we were foolish enough to believe we could clear. They gave us two weeks to move. Oh, and BTW, we were in the middle of a heat wave.  Try temperatures in the 110° to 115° range. In truth, it was a deadline I could accept in that my great guy and I were planning to go to Taos, New Mexico for a glorious vacation we’d confirmed months ago. Never looking back, we gave our current landlord notice and began the process of turning our lives upside down. It’s hard to believe that when we made the decision, my daughter and I actually thought we could pull it off.  Heck, with our usual aplomb, our confidence was high. We were that excited about ending the housing uncertainty we’d been facing.

Think Moving House is Easy? Think Again!

Being as organized and disciplined as I am, I even assumed I could manage my usual writing schedule and not miss a single one of my daily two-hour workouts.  Granted, I did have to take a weekend off to run a long-scheduled trail run, but I treated that as a holiday refusing to admit it shortened my moving house preparations by two full days. I even promised myself that, unlike previous moves, this time I would be totally organized.  I would sort through all of our things and take to the new house only the things we really need and use. Knowing that you all have moved at one time or another and certain that some of you may even have as much “stuff” as we do–you can imagine how quickly our foolish optimism turned to mush.

My final cave-in was acknowledging that I would not be able to sort through the stunning collection of old photos that I have accumulated over the years.  As the mother of three and grandmother of four, I conceded that organizing and eliminating excess isn’t in my DNA, at least when it comes to pictures of my glorious offspring. I thank the angels for spacious storage lockers. Two weeks to the day later, bidding our movers good-bye, I closed the door on my fortnight of hell, I headed over to meet my guy for our fabulous two weeks in Taos. As we drove through extraordinary mountain vistas and outside temperatures were dropping by ten degrees every hundred miles, I promised myself that when we got back I would be able to enjoy our beautiful new house. Heck, I might even begin to sort and organize those twenty-two boxes of old photos—maybe one box or so a week.  Or…maybe not!

Don’t Forget to Take a Break

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  1. You have my sympathies. I did that thirty-something years ago in Arizona with two children and a husband working long and crazy hours. It just shows you how tough great women are. Congratulations on your accomplishment and finding a new place!

  2. You did it and I’m so impressed. It took me months to clear out stuff, organize the packing, and weeks of torture to move. And I was only going 10 miles away. I began to hate that drive after the third trip back and forth, moving the smaller boxes, etc, myself. Thank God for movers who took the big stuff and… the smaller but heavy things I snuck into their shipment.

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