A Trip Through Time

I’d like to tell you about an unusual boxed set, THE GOLDEN LEGACY, which will take you on an adventure through time. The books follow the inheritance of a pirate treasure from the early 1700’s to present time. The pirate brigantine attacked a merchant ship, The Golde Fleece, in the Caribbean. Although smaller, the merchant ship bested the pirate craft that contained a treasure trove of gold and jewels. A dying pirate claimed the Incas had cursed anyone who misused the treasure. But anyone who used it for good would be blessed.

The first book, TWIST OF FATE, by Susanne Matthews, is the tender love story of one of the merchant ship crew members who is wounded in the pirate encounter. He befriends, then falls in love with, the blind daughter of a plantation owner. But can he rescue her from the people who are taking advantage of her?

My story, RACE FOR THE GOLD, is set in the 1930’s depression era on a Maryland horse farm. The owner is going broke, and the woman who loves him wants to use the Golden Legacy inheritance to rescue his business. But she knows he’s too proud to accept “charity” from her. Can she trick him into accepting the money?

THE PRISONER RETURNS by Nancy Radke is set in the present. His love for her means more than his inheritance. He’s willing to lose it all to save the woman he loves.

DANGEROUS INHERITANCE by Nancy Radke: Great wealth can bring great problems – including kidnapping and murder – and may make it harder to protect the woman you love.

THE PRICE OF LOVE by Katy Walters: This is a tale of two centuries in which two couples find love as they deal with murderous family members and a mysterious time portal. Can they stay alive long enough to enjoy a generous inheritance?

I saw this collection as a chance to explore local history where I live–Howard County, Maryland. In the 1930’s the county was quite rural with just a few small towns and a lot of farm land. Maryland, home of the Preakness, was also racing country, and I set my story on a horse farm located about ten miles from where I live now. Digging into life back then was a lot of fun. I did my research in local online archives and also in the pages of popular magazines of the time. What did my characters eat? What did they wear? What vehicles did they drive? What did a modern kitchen of the 1930’s look like? All these questions are answered in the magazine advertisements of the time. There were no vinyl floors, but you could buy a linoleum rug with the pattern of an Oriental carpet for your kitchen floor. The new wonder dishwashing product was soap chips. Lead paint and DDT were sold for household use. Fresh oranges were a special treat. If you were lucky you might have one of the new vacuum cleaners. And the refrigerator was the modern replacement for the ice box. The ads were detailed enough to transport me back to another age, and I hope you have the same experience with Race for the Gold.

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