The Hot Hunks Collections ~ Which Is Your Favorite?

Story tropes—like the ones used in the Hot Hunks collections—are like a shared language among romance writers and readers. They tell you the basic target area of a romance, and it is always fun to see how different authors handle the same story trope.

The Hot Hunks Collections are written by a group of eight authors. For each series we agree on a trope, and then each of us writes a stand-alone romance using it. The ebooks are released one per week over eight weeks. Our readers have fun comparing and contrasting and just plain enjoying the ride.

We have a series about blind dates, about heroes making a resolution, about going home for Christmas, about everyday unsung heroes…and our current series is about the popular…

Enemies to lovers trope.

Hot Hunks Collections

My book in the Hot Hunks Collections: Enemies to Lovers series is Taming Tristan 

Taming Tristan

Rough cut diamond Tristan has seen his share of hard times. He is drawn to straitlaced Brina, even though her sunny optimism drives him completely nuts.  

Most of his life Tristan carried a secret that created a chasm between him and his father. And nothing he did, neither his Army medals nor the money he’d sent home, could change that. A helicopter pilot who is more comfortable in the air than on the ground, he now owns a high-priced shuttle service, has no problem finding women to warm his bed for a night, and is sure he will never again fall prey to believing in happy endings. 

Brina wants the world to be a happy place. Between her nursing career and Three Girls Roasting Company, a community coffee shop, she’s doing her part to make that happen. And when the man she’s dating starts planning a future with her, it seems like her dreams might come true. Only problem is Brina’s not sure she really loves him. It’s a question she never thought about. Until the annoying, cynical, and smoking hot Tristan Denning comes back into her life.

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