Ready for spring!

Happy spring. What’s on my mind, you ask? Vaccine, or not to vaccine…I’ve decided yes for the Covid shot—because I want to travel and be safe. I want to eat in restaurants, and have an in-person book signing. I want to go to Greece in October. I want to go about my day without fear of catching the virus or passing the virus unknowingly to someone I love.

Before this, I wasn’t one to get the flu shot, or the shingles shot. When I told my doctor I wasn’t interested she kind of snorted (politely behind her mask) and said, it’s a precaution! Why not? I didn’t have a good answer. Why put something in your body that you don’t need, was my philosophy. I’ll be doing some research on the shingles shot but I just might change my mind. Modern medicine is pretty darn fabulous. I am so grateful for my health! 😊 I want to be outside with blue skies, bright flowers, and fresh air. I hope that by this time next year, masks will be a distant memory.

On another note: I’ve been reading more than in previous years, taking time to escape. It’s why we writers do what we do! I’ve discovered Charlaine Harris’s Gunnie Rose series on audible and I love it. What new authors or series have you found? I always recommend our Authors’ Billboard boxed sets as incredible ways to find new stories and new authors at a steal of a price!

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