Who Needs A Shot In The Arm? by @TaylorLeeWrites

Shot In The ArmWe all do. That shot in the arm I’m referring to is the Covid 19 vaccine. We now have passed the one-year anniversary of living amid a devastating pandemic. The statistics are horrific. Thirty million people in the United States alone have been infected by Covid 19 and more than five hundred and fifty thousand Americans have died from the virus.  Untold millions of people—men, women, and children—have suffered economically, socially, personally, and medically from this once in a century catastrophe.

My guy and I are social beings. We love music, art, the theater, and hanging out in sports bars. We are super connected to our families and can’t imagine not celebrating every holiday and special occasion without them. And, yet, that is what we have had to do this last challenging year.

Along Comes a Shot in the Arm

But then the miracle of scientific miracles came along in the form of a shot in the arm. We now have not one but three—with more on the way—life saving vaccines.

I got my second shot in the arm in a huge sports area along with thousands of other excited and grateful people. I was far from the only one who jumped out of my car and insisted that I get my picture taken with the first responders giving the shots. It felt like we all were part of a determined army insisting that we truly could turn the corner.

Now to my dismay I’m hearing about a scary new issue. Vaccine hesitancy. For some, it’s fear from past discriminatory practices associated with vaccines. For others, it’s a fear of what they see as medical conspiracies. And now there is a new group who say they won’t get the vaccine for political reasons. Ouch!

Let’s Live Life! Get That Shot!

I’m spoiled; I don’t mind admitting it. I want to eat in restaurants. Going to a movie theater is a favorite pastime of mine. I want to watch my sports teams in person. And most of all I want to hug my grandsons. I’ll also admit I’m a caring person and would never forgive myself if I caused someone to get sick or die because I refused to take precautions.

So please, guys, whatever your fears or reasons, let’s join together and defeat this Covid 19 monster. Roll up your sleeve and get that shot in the arm.

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USA Today Best Selling author Taylor Lee writes Suspenseful Mystery Thrillers – with a heavy dose of Sexy to Sizzling HOT Romance. In the five years that she has been writing, Taylor has written more than forty books. Her eight, series track her Special Operatives, Covert Agents, Cops, Firefighters and other iconic heroes and heroines, through the harrowing situations that make up their lives. From human trafficking rings to corrupt politicians, Taylor investigates the underbelly of society and the criminals who flourish there. Taylor says: “From the residue in my personal blender of mixed races, cultures and world views, my characters emerge. It comforts me to know that while evil slinks in the shadows, the “good guys and gals” of the world sniff it out – and snuff it out. My characters are arrogant alpha males and the feisty women who bring them to their knees – and vice versa… They fight hard, love hard and don’t mince words. They are dangerous men and women in dangerous times. Love, passion and ridding the world of evil? What’s not to like?

4 Replies to “Who Needs A Shot In The Arm? by @TaylorLeeWrites”

  1. Excellent post. I too want to get on with life. I especially want to see my children again. I want to travel. If everyone cooperates and gets a shot, we have a shot at it!

  2. I got my second shot a month ago but I still don’t have the courage to mingle, go to restaurants, malls, or supermarkets. I haven’t hugged my kids or grandkids for more than a year.

  3. My hubby and I are going for our booster shots tomorrow. We have isolated for a year now and I thought we would be free at last to mingle, see our scattered family and friends here in the UK and Ireland. I was so looking forward to meeting up with friends for coffee or evening meals in our favourite pub or restaurant and so on. But now there are warnings to take care even if one has had the jab. The powers that be are not sure of the strength of the vaccines and their long-term effects. Oh dear!! But at least, the vaccine lessens the fear and we can go outside the front door – walk down the street, say hello to neighbours and passers-by. Best of all for us, we can sit in our beach hut again which sadly was left padlocked for a whole year.
    One major thing for me was to realize just how much people need and love each other. I’m pleased if I can just say hello to a stranger. It makes my day.
    Let’s hope the fear and suffering from covid is coming to an end.

  4. I loved the post, Taylor. And I feel exactly as you do. I guess I’m one of the lucky people who really haven’t had anyone close to me affected by the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t lived in fear all this time. I can’t wait to get my shot – in Canada where I live, it goes by age. So I’ll be calling next week to make my arrangements. Can’t wait. My celebration will be having that inner knowledge that I’m safe. No one who’s had the vaccine has ever died…EVER! Can’t say that about those who haven’t had the shot…. that’s the bald, unvarnished truth.
    So… can’t wait!!

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