The Thief in the Night

It started with the patter of little feet overhead as I lay in bed one night. I first thought it was a squirrel because we’d had squirrels in the attic at our former rental house. The woman living there was terrified that they’d come downstairs, burst through the plasterboard, and attack her. We dealt with the situation by calling “Trapper Bob” who saved her from the monsters in the walls.

Several years later, it was my turn to hear an invader overhead. But these footsteps were pretty heavy. A fifteen-pound squirrel? Not likely. They probably belonged to a raccoon who had graduated from eating the food I put out for stray cats to home invasion.

Confrontation between a cat and a raccoon

The situation went downhill from there. Hearing suspicious sounds from the front hall closet, I opened the door to find a masked bandit staring at me from his perch on a bag of Meow Mix. In a very girlie reaction I jumped back and screamed. Equally alarmed, the raccoon disappeared back upstairs. But now I was onto his clever scheme for free room and board.

Three raccoons chowing down

When I inspected the closet, I figured out how he’d gotten there–-by climbing down the inside of the wall and squeezing through a hole a workman had cut years ago to install a phone line. This time, I called our regular pest control company. They sent their “small animal expert” who told us the invader had accessed the attic through a panel where a fan had been removed. The man was confident that he could solve the problem with a one-way door. The varmint could get out but not back in.

Raccoon absconding with a piece of bread

We looked forward to an easy victory, until it turned out the tally was raccoon one, trapper zero. The guy tried again and scored another defeat. Resorting to emergency measures, he baited a trap on the lower roof near the access panel. This time it worked. My last sight of the defeated thief was in a cage, staring morosely through the wire mesh as he was hauled off to a truck.

I’m still feeding cats, and thus raccoons, outside, but luckily nobody else has mounted a home invasion.

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