Hope, and Hugs!

Last year at this time, we were all in shock over Covid 19 and lock down and other scary words like pandemic. Virus. Facemasks. Hand sanitizer. Wash, or risk death.

Now we are hearing hopeful things like vaccination, and lifted restrictions! It makes my heart lighter too, knowing that by May or June, most Americans will have access to being vaccinated if they choose. While being homebound didn’t change my life that much, what I miss is visiting family. I miss my friends. I miss HUGS.

I think we should all go in a hug frenzy—total strangers? Hug. Friends and loved ones—long hugs, to commit that person to memory. Just in case.

What this experience has driven home for me is that life is short. There are things that we can do as precautions (wash, sanitize, six feet separation etc) but being afraid all of the time isn’t mentally healthy.


Christopher and I are lucky to live in South Florida where the weather allows us to be outside practically every day. That saved our outlook in a big way at the beginning of all of this, until we figured out how to see family that needs us. We have a very small pod but that’s okay. My mother lives in Washington state with snow and cold weather but she would still dress for outdoors a few times a week to get that fresh air. I think we’ve all found ways to adapt. I am a Pollyanna by nature and hope for a better day gets me through darker times.

What strengths have you found during this last year? What is your hope for the future?

It’s why I love reading and writing romance. The characters hope and try and fail yet discover a way to overcome obstacles for their happily ever after. <3

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