Come cruise with me…

It’s difficult to realize how our lives have changed in the last year. How often do you curse the CoronaVirus ? I do it more often than I can count. Probably every time I open my closet and glance at the gorgeous silver sandals I bought specifically for my April 2020 cruise on the West Coast, the cruise that we never took, the cruise that was canceled because of the pandemic.

Some people miss socializing, eating in restaurant, going to movies, shopping at the malls. I miss my cruises. I miss them like hell. Cruises are becoming the most common way to see the world and unwind in an enjoyable surrounding. My husband calculated that it was cheaper to board a ship from Fort Lauderdale and go on a week cruise than pay airfare, hotel, restaurants and entertainments.

Prior to pandemic, my life was divided into two parts, my life at home, a dutiful life spent writing, babysitting, driving the kids, cooking for the kids, inviting friends for dinner, and a carefree life on the ship, pampering myself, indulging in doing what I like, not what I was expected to do, visiting new countries, and far away cities, walking on the deck, showing up at the restaurants to eat meals cooked by the ship cooks, attending shows, writing new stories in a quiet lounge, playing cards with friends,… A useless, uneventful, selfish, boring life that I adored.

Now when I missed my cruises, I look at my pictures neatly organized in folders. I remember the special places with nostalgia and suppress a tear.

Would you like to travel with me around the world? I will take you on my wonderful ship to my favorite places.

In 2006, we started our South American cruise in Santiago, discovered a world of history and culture and reveled in the sights of Viña del Mar, known as the “Chilean Riviera.” We visited the authentic adobe homes once belonging to the Incas. We sailed to a Chilean Patagonia’s maze of fjords, crossing through rivers, steppes and mountains to the north, and observed a colony of delightful penguins, and continued to the Falkland Islands.

In 2014, we explored the East side of South America, cruising from Fort Lauderdale all the way to Brazil. We spent two days in Rio de Janeiro, ascended to the Sugar Loaf Mountain by cable car, and had a peak at the aerial view of Copacabana, the Christ statue, and Guanabara Bay.

Next our ship docked in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. I fell in love with this European city that reminded me of Paris, and Washington DC with its monuments, parks, statues and architecture. We visited the VIP cemetery and the mausoleum of Eva Peron. Nothing beats the tour of the old city and the lunch in restaurant offering Tango shows. Here is a picture of my husband posing with a tango dancer.



BETWEEN BABIES AND GIRLFRIENDS is a romantic comedy set in Miami, FL and Buenos Aires, the special romance of Dr. Brian Dutton, a very busy American doctor, and Carla, the sophisticated, passionate and sassy daughter of the Governor of Buenos Aires.

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About Mona Risk

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Mona Risk, received an Outstanding Achiever Award from Affaire de Coeur Magazine. She's a two time winner of Best Contemporary Romance of the Year from Readers Favorite; a winner of Best Romance Novel of the Year from Preditors & Editors Readers Poll; and an EPIC Award finalist. Mona Risk's name has often been posted on the 100 Most Popular Authors in Romance list, and her books have garnered: Top Pick, Outstanding Read, Sweetheart of the Week, and Best Book of the Week from various reviewers, and received two mentions in Publisher's Weekly. Mona lives in South Florida and has traveled to more than eighty countries on business or vacation. She writes contemporary romances, medical romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal fantasy. Sprinkled with a good dose of humor, her stories are set in the fascinating places she visited or more simply at home. If you like to travel and love to read, come and enjoy her international romances. Meet the spirited heroines and special heroes who share irresistible chemistry in stories that simmer with emotion.  View website

7 Replies to “Come cruise with me…”

  1. It seems this beast has taken something away from everyone!

    I long for the days of visiting my family! But, thankfully, I don’t know anyone who has died.

    I also feel bad for young people who’ve lost moments in their lives that they can never re-live. Not that I loved high school, but at least I can complain about it in my writing — because I experienced it! I may have fought with my high school boyfriend and fled the entire prom night scene, but I now have memories I can write about that, too. No one was going to come to my high school graduation, so I didn’t go, but at least it was MY choice.

    And, now, like you, Mona, I’ve longed for these times in my fifty-plus age where I could escape to never-never land, and now…I fear that it might never be the same. 🙁

    Thank goodness we still have books!!!! I will definitely check out your adventures through your books! <3

  2. You’re right Carmen. The young people suffer more. My 14 y granddaughter almost had a nervous breakdown before Christmas. Staying home away from her friends took a toll on her nerves. For two months she refused to get out of bed, going to virtual school in bed, eating and calling her friends from bed, claiming she was tired all the time. After Christmas her mother insisted she should go to school every day. She’s a different person now, laughing, babbling, studying, playing sports.

    • Ahh… See. Young folks are now realizing what a privilege it is to go to school!!!

      I’m so glad for you that she’s happy again. It’s hard for us to watch when our children/grandchildren are sad, especially when they are so young.

  3. Like you Mona, I loved the few cruises we took before I lost my husband. The wonderful times of being spoiled and pampered will never be forgotten. I’m so looking forward to your travel blogs – especially in South America. I lived in Chile for 7 years and did a lot of traveling in many of the countries nearby.
    xo Mimi

  4. I loved four cruises I took and had planned to take others. Now that is all up in the air. I agree young people are suffering the most.Toe of my grandchildren have started high school without sports, dances, or any of the extracurricular activities I loved.

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