What a year! Traci Hall

January 6th 2021

The last year has passed in a painful blur of readjusting and getting acclimatized to the new “normal” we live in. Masks, check. Hand sanitizer, check. Hand washing while singing Happy Birthday, check. Not seeing others we love and care about, check. Having a “zoom” space behind you when you do video calling–check. How futuristic is that?

Covid 19 is still around as we enter this new year, and there is a new strain of it. We have two approved vaccines in Florida but most people can’t get it. Essential health care workers received it first, which I support one hundred percent, and then it was supposed to be elderly folks who had health issues. But there is NOT enough to go around. Websites and phone lines are crashing as folks try to make an appointment to get a vaccine. They are standing in line for hours to get an appointment.

We need a more efficient system for people to get this vaccine. On a personal note, I am happy to wait and see what happens with the vaccine—but there are members of my family who need it to stay safe.

I am grateful that I already worked from home to write stories when this all happened. I am grateful that I was able to escape into my fictional worlds, and I’ve heard from my reading fans that they devoured books to find some happiness in this crazy time. Some folks binged TV and movies, while others chose books, or podcasts. We have never needed stories more. To escape. To learn. To feel love and triumph.

In 2020, I published Mrs. Morris and the Witch, Murder in a Scottish Shire, Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past, A Snowy Seaside Christmas, (Irresistible Christmas Pets to the Rescue) Christmas Kiss by the Sea, (Dear Santa), and Unforgettable Christmas Joy boxed set—my entry is Holiday by the Sea.

January 2021: Just One Kiss, January 11th, a sweet rom-com on Net Galley right now. January 29th will be Death in Sandpiper Bay, a new mystery series with Patrice Wilton. March 30, Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress. May 25th, Murder in a Scottish Garden.  August 24th, Mrs. Morris and the Vampire. On the calendar are two more Authors’ Billboard boxed sets and another Riley Harper mystery. I would also like to write the third historical romance that takes place in Spokan Falls if I have time.

2022—Mrs. Morris and the Pot of Gold, Murder at a Scottish Social. ***if the stars align there will be more books in both series, as well as Riley Harper, and By the Sea. And who knows what else? I am open to possibilities! (Hallmark, Hallmark, Hallmark LOLOL)

As we go into this next year, please continue to take care of your health—it matters, you matter! If you need reading material on a budget, I can’t recommend the boxed sets on Authors’ Billboard enough. Please review if you can—those reviews are like gold to an author.

Happy New Year!

Love, Traci

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Just One Kiss Traci Hall– https://www.amazon.com/Just-One-Kiss-Traci-Hall-ebook/dp/B08QGK3KQP

Free-spirited Grace Sheldon is used to living on a tight budget as a freelance photographer. But nothing short of a miracle could produce the thirty thousand dollars she owes on the house she’s inherited. Without steady employment, the bank refuses to give her a loan. Working a temp job won’t give her nearly enough, but she’ll take any little bit she can get until she figures out a solution. Her first day, though, she realizes this is no ordinary office—and her handsome new boss is no ordinary man.

After Sawyer Rivera’s well-planned career in Seattle officially imploded all he’s looking for is a small beach town where he can open a dog training facility and start a simple life. Except, his new office assistant is anything but. Grace is carefree, artsy, and doesn’t know a thing about dogs. The woman has pet chickens! She’s also funny, kind, and the best part of his day.

Grace is his complete opposite—and completely refreshing. But when her month of temp work is over, she could disappear from his life for good. Sawyer realizes he has just one chance to try to change their fate.

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With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres, USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it's a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.

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