Saga of the Front Door–Modern Life

I don’t have to put a key in a lock to get into or turn on my car. This made me think that it would be nice to have the same feature with my front door. Of course, I would have to do SOMETHING, not just walk up to the door with a key in my purse, but I found out that I could have a keypad and just punch in a code to open the door. My lady handyperson brought us a new keypad lock and installed it.

So far so good. But that created two new annoyances. Right now, you have to punch in the code to lock the door from the outside. Not exactly a streamlined process. Hopefully, she can solve that problem; but meanwhile, another became apparent right away. The knob on the new lock stuck out too far for the storm door to close. To even close the front door from the inside, you had to reach out, push the storm door open, and quickly slam the door before the storm door closed as far as it can.

The handyperson ordered a new storm door, but the men who came to install it said it would have the same problem. Fortunately, there was a solution–moving the storm door frame farther out. “If you are going to do that,” I said, “then just fix the frame and I’ll use the old door.”

Would this work out? Yes, at least the two doors now close at the same time. We just have to figure out how to work the lock from outside without using the keypad.

On a less complicated note, my latest story is Out of Time, in the New Year’s Eve Shorts collection to be published on Christmas Eve–now on pre-order.

I had a fun time with my story about a man and woman who meet in a little room and fall in love. But there are serious impediments to their walking out the door together. it turns out that they stepped into the room from different time periods. How do they manage a HEA, or are they doomed to disappointment? Do you like time-travel stories? They’re a personal favorite of mine.

And here’s the beautiful Out of Time Cover that Michele Hauf did for me.

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