Is your life a Tragedy or a Rom-Com?

Sometimes life seems a Greek tragedy, not worth pursuing. And then your child gives you a big hug or you get a whiff of fresh coffee and cinnamon roll and can’t wait to live another minute.

Is she laughing or crying?

Authors try to short cut life experiences for everyone, including themselves. Finding words to make your tummy rumble or thighs tingle works for us, too. The passion of storytelling keeps us going.

I think I’ve heard it from at least a dozen other authors: I write what I want to read. Sometimes we write for a contract or obligation, too, but we always put a bit of us in a story. That heroine who moves from the desert because of her hay fever is at least a part of me. That she’s plump, achy, and in her sixties, wishing she was young and trim again is not just me but I’m pretty sure at least a dozen others out there. (Naked in the Winter Wind). Okay, hundreds of others, but you know what I mean. We want to live vicariously through people strong and more vibrant than ourselves.

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No need to raises hands, but how many of us have made mistakes? I’ve never been strung out on drugs and shot anyone, but if I had, I’d want a way out (That Twin Thing series). By creating scenarios, giving my characters the chance to right a wrong, I’m purging and/or offering them a chance at redemption.

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Dani Haviland, formerly of Connecticut, Arizona, and Alaska, recently semi-retired from selling tractor parts, tools, and roses. She moved to a more temperate climate in western Oregon to pursue her passions: writing, gardening, and photography.  View website

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