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Yes, the pandemic is still going on. I look back at my blogs from the beginning of the year when we were clueless about how widespread Covid 19 would be, and how it would affect so many of us. We’ve all been holding our breath for news of a miracle vaccine—by Christmas! It should be in our South Florida hospitals by the end of this week.

We haven’t yet celebrated Thanksgiving, putting it off to make sure everyone is healthy before we share a meal. We are doing Christmas on Zoom to see the kids and our granddaughter. My mom, and niece. Grandmother. Family is so important.

I am a Pollyanna by nature and look for the bright side. The plus side of all this is that I have had a lot of books out this past month, with another to come January 11th. Our girls at the Authors’ Billboard are amazing, and I’m so glad to be a part of three boxed sets! Dear Santa has Tess and Landon’s story in it, Christmas Kiss by the Sea, and then Irresistible Christmas Pets has A Snowy Seaside Christmas in it-the first West Coast by the sea book. Then Holiday by the Sea is in Unforgettable Christmas Joy. In January, Just One Kiss will be out, a sweet romance published by Entangled. This book has taken over two years to come to fruition and I hope readers will find it worth the wait.

Lots of kissing, lots of romance, and lots of ways to escape—perfect for the holiday.

I wish you all the best as we wind up this year, and pray that you and your families are safe and able to be together in some manner or another. Zoom!!!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, however you celebrate, I wish you joy.

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