Please Christmas: Be Done!

Admit it. Even those of us who love Christmas and all it means to us and our wonderful family traditions–we occasionally think: Enough already.  Please Christmas: Be Done.  Let’s face it, decorating the tree, buying and wrapping the gifts, planning the menus, baking, cooking, holiday parties etc., etc. can be a tad overwhelming.  But we quickly get over it and joyfully celebrate the glorious season.

But Christmas isn’t always wonderful.  Particularly if you are dealing with the challenges facing the family in my story.  Seven year old Liam is determined to find Santa and beg him to come to their house this Christmas.  When his teenage sister refuses to take him to the Santa Parade–insisting that she hates Christmas and would never be seen with her ‘baby’ brother, Liam sets off by himself.

Many hours later, District Attorney Miles Stark comes home from a thirteen hour day to a dark house.  To his horror, he discovers his housekeeper gone, his teenage daughter sequestered in her bedroom and his young son nowhere to be found. Frantic with fear, he discovers that none of Liam’s first grade friends or their families have seen Liam since school ended hours before. A message from the police station indicating that his son was found at a deserted city park fills him with relief… and pain.

In that his young son could have been seriously hurt hunting for Santa, and all his hostile teenage daughter wants is for “Christmas to be done”, Miles Stark acknowledges, not only did he lose his wife to cancer, but he might be losing his children.

Meantime, Adalina Cruz, the gorgeous, hard-as-nails detective assumes she will despise the prominent district attorney, whose young son might have been killed hunting for Santa. To her surprise, she acknowledges the powerful man struggling to deal with his grieving daughter and young son was as complicated as he was arrogant. It didn’t help that he was handsome as heck and honorable to boot.

This is a story about love and loss.  The love between a father and his children threatened by his wife’s death.  What used to be a loving relationship between a brother and sister grieving the loss of their mother. And a disillusioned man and woman certain that love isn’t in the cards for them.

But, it is also an uplifting story.  One about the power of love and redemption. A story that ultimately confirms the magic of Christmas and its power to heal the most challenging wounds.

Here’s wishing you a Merry and Joyous Christmas.  Eat lots of cookies! I have it on the best authority….who happens to be chubby and wears a red suit, that wine goes as well as eggnog does with Christmas cookies!  

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