I was delighted to contribute MARRYING MOLLY to DEAR SANTA: A CHRISTMAS WISH, because I had a specific story in mind that fit perfectly with the theme. It was one I wanted to do from the time I created The McKenna Curse series.

June 22, 1919
Donal McKenna,
Ye might have found happiness with another woman, but yer progeny will pay for this betrayal of me. I call on my faerie blood and my powers as a witch to give yers only sorrow in love, for should they act on their feelings, they will put their loved ones in mortal danger.
So be it,
Sheelin O’Keefe

When I started, I didn’t know how many McKenna Curse stories I was going to write, but I always knew I wanted to write one that would (hopefully) end the curse for my lovers. The question was HOW???

What if Sheelin O’Keefe didn’t know she was pregnant with Donal McKenna’s child when she cursed his progeny? That would mean she cursed her own descendants, as well. She died knowing the heartache she’d caused her own loved ones as well as herself.

Then 100 years later, along comes Molly Kavanaugh, a fourth generation O’Keefe-McKenna. A community college English teacher by day, a brand new romance author by night, Molly heads for Ireland just before Christmas to plot her next book, then learns her brother just lost his wife—her best friend—to the curse. Molly heads for Sheelin’s grave and connects with her great-great grandmother’s spirit, promising she will end the curse but…

“Tell me how!”
The answering whisper in Molly’s mind made her heart pound.
The curse will be broken only when a McKenna man marries an O’Keefe woman he loves more than life itself.

And when Molly gets back to Chicago and has her motherless niece write a letter to Santa, Brigid makes her write one, as well.

Dear Santa,
Please let me meet a McKenna man who will help me end Sheelin O’Keefe’s horrible curse on both our families.
Molly Kavanaugh

That’s how my story launches. Shockingly, Detective Reilly McKenna shows up at the door only an hour later. Molly is convinced that Santa—or perhaps Sheelin herself—sent her a McKenna man. But did Reilly believe in curses and would he marry her to end one?


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