Holiday Memories and Dear Santa

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in an experience or event so that the lovely memories are retrievable, even in your last moments of life?

I’ve had the amazing joy of experiencing that with such a busy household, especially during holidays. I remember one specific memory, my second daughter was home from college at Christmas. She brought her roommate, an exchange student from Japan. Nayoko (sorry, probably spelling it wrong) wanted to experience an American Christmas. She did!

The memories of that Christmas with our children, friends, and family, all intent on showing the best kind of holiday season, were overflowing with love and laughter. It was truly a holiday season filled with all that we hope it will be. That memory I will cherish.

But I also love the times that the turkey was dry, the pumpkin was carved crookedly, costumes were missing bits, we were snowed in, the gifts were finally wrapped two hours before they were opened, and wondering if we could combine birthdays with holidays, just this once, and so much more because we were together. Priceless!

I hope your upcoming holidays, however they turn out, will be perfect memory makers. Not because they are filled with perfect dinners, and perfectly behaved children but because they are filled with family and friends to help you enjoy it.

And what are the holidays without a party? We are having a “Coming Out” party for our Box Set “DEAR SANTA” in preorder now.

I hope you add this book to your holiday quiet times, or in between crazy times. NOW, GO MAKE SOME MEMORIES!


And if you would like to snack on the first chapter of every book, here you go:

Come on! You know you want to:


Hope, Wishes, and Love it’s what Christmas is all about.
Beth wants a second chance.
She needs a little faith that wishes come true.

Thanks for hanging out with me today!

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