How did I come up with my story in the Dear Santa boxed set? To explain, I have to back up to Race for the Gold, a book that I published as part of the Golden Legacy series. It’s about an enchanted inheritance passed down through the generations. Because I wanted to write about a family that desperately needed financial rescue, I set it during the Great Depression of the 1930’s in the area where I live–Howard County, Maryland.

My hero is the owner of a horse farm that’s going under. The heroine receives an inheritance and uses the money to rescue his business.

Because I enjoyed my research into the local area and the time period, I decided to write about another local 1930’s family in trouble. They live right down the road from the horse farm, and all the previous characters play a part in the story. This time I imagined a good man who gets arrested for a series of burglaries he didn’t commit. Now he’s in jail, and his family is trying to scrape by without him, under the stigma of his incarceration. The story starts with a tearful letter to Santa from one of his young sons, saying he doesn’t want any presents this year. He only wants his father out of jail before Christmas. Sophie, his older sister, the heroine of the story, reads the letter and chokes back tears. Desperate to bring in some money for her family, she gets a job as a kitchen helper on the now-affluent horse farm–and that leads to the plot of my novella in the Dear Santa anthology. The young farm manager is wary of her because she will be working closely with his mother, the family cook, and he worries she could be a crook like her dad. But gradually he realizes that she’s a totally honest person. He’s falling for her when she asks him to help her prove her father is innocent. Although he’s still not sure about the father, he agrees to help her–to prove the truth, one way or the other. This decision sends the two of them of on a reckless adventure one winter night. Of course, as the title of the book, Christmas Miracle 1935, suggests, it’s probably going to come out okay. But there are some rocky episodes before we get to the HEA.

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