September 2020

Hello!! It’s Labor Day weekend, and if you’re being smart and aware of the pandemic at all, you are probably social distancing and not at the beach with zillions of strangers not wearing facemasks. Experts predict another rise in Covid cases after this holiday, putting the death toll for Americans at 400,000 by the end of the year.

The number is surreal to me.

On to happy news!

Christopher and I went for Sunday brunch at Rendezvous and sat outside. We were one of two tables very far apart. It felt great to enjoy a meal we didn’t cook, or clean up after. We wore masks, the waiter wore a mask and gloves, and the menu was paper to throw away. We brought hand sanitizer but they also had it there.

Sunday Brunch at the marina

I think we’re all getting into the swing of things, businesses and consumers, trying to thrive the best we can.

Christopher is now putting together our exercise bike because, hey, it’s South Florida in September and it is too dang hot to walk outside unless I am out there at seven, which doesn’t always happen.

In the past we would have been kayaking or canoeing but today we plan on watching whatever new movies are on Prime and relaxing. Tomorrow is another work day, but when we get to do what we love, it isn’t really work. We get to tell stories and help other people tell stories for a living.

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I am polishing a new Christmas novella for the Dear Santa boxed set that takes place—where else?? By the sea! I can’t wait for you all to meet Tessa and Landon.

Have a wonderful day—



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