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So, the pandemic is still a thing. Christopher and I both work from home as writers and June 1st we each finished big projects. The state of the world has emphasized how important family is and we needed to safely lay eyes on our loved ones. June 15th we embarked on a road trip toward Washington state. We have been so cautious—mostly tent camping between short visits. No restaurants—yes to masks, hand washing, hand sanitizer. Six feet distance and outside when possible. We don’t have symptoms, and no fevers.

We traveled from North Carolina, through Chicago, then Minnesota. I had no idea that Minnesota was so green and lush. Very beautiful country. We entered Wyoming with a tornado warning, torrential rain, and a lightning storm. In Florida we get lightning but this was surreal and all around us as we drove. That night we camped in Bighorn National Park and the temps overnight were in the forties. Brr. The next day we toured Yellowstone by car. It was snowing, actually, and we were grateful to have new tires and a working heater! We camped that night in Harrison Lake Montana—the wind was howling worse than a Cat 1 hurricane and our tent barely remained upright—all night long. We were up and packed by six in the morning toward Spokane, and warmth lol.

Lightning in Wyoming

We have been with Mom almost a week and we are keeping our bubble small. No visits with cousins or friends, just those Mom already has in her house. Nobody has symptoms. We hope we are doing the right thing as cases explode all over the US. This is a risk we have all agreed to take. My grandmother is 91, and she is tested often because of her health, always negative.

An underlying fear persists that we might somehow contract Covid and pass it on—I hate it, but it is necessary to be aware and do everything that we can to be safe and healthy.

How are you dealing with emergence after months of isolation? Is this wariness just a fact of life in 2020?

I will say that being in nature has done so much for my mental health. I love the beach, but rivers and trees and green also cheer the heart. Best of all is seeing my mom and being in her bubble <3

Last week, Murder in a Scottish Shire came out—my first cozy mystery in a series that takes place in Scotland. I hope you check it out! What an escape J

In the romance department, please dive into one of our amazing box sets here on the Authors’ Billboard page. I am writing a Christmas Wish by the Sea out this year—oh, and join our monthly contest. Best of luck to you!


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  1. Well, you can see how we’re handling it in yesterday’s post. I envy you taking the road trip. Norman does not like to camp, so that’s out. So cool to be in Yellowstone. We are pretty much staying home. I go out to do a little work in the garden, but we both have a lot of stuff to do in here. It’s a pain in the butt getting groceries delivered, but we’re doing that. Our local Starbucks is closed, which is disappointing. We had be going through the carry out line at least once a week. Occasionally I see a tee shirt on line that I want and buy it. But mostly I don’t need any new clothes. Who would see them?

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