Life’s a beach!

Have you ever been to a beach? Which is your favorite?

Pacific City, Oregon, USA

I didn’t realize I’d seen the Atlantic but I guess that was because I was less than three years old at the time. I guess I can’t count that one.

We went to San Diego when I was in middle school. I’d never seen fog before and was fascinated. Growing up in Arizona, I’d never seen more than a mist on the ground and that was rare.

Knik Arm, north of Anchorage, Alaska, USA

When I moved to Alaska, I was surprised that they didn’t have sandy beaches. At least where I went. There is ‘dangerous mud,’ silty mud flats that can literally suck a person to his death if they’re stuck in it when the tide comes in. Turnagain and Knik Arms are notorious for this type of ‘beach.’

Arctic Ocean area has gravel for a beach. I wanted to put my toes in the Arctic when I went up there in 1994 but it was too cold in August to take off my hiking boots. I did get a picture of my foot on the wet, rocky ground but those photos are still ‘misplaced.’ I don’t want to believe they’re lost. That beach was the inspiration of ONE ARCTIC SUMMER.

Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia (near Sydney)

In January or 2014, I flew to Sydney, Australia to research future books of THE FAIRIES SAGA. Manly Beach was amazing! It was also the hottest! Did you know there wasn’t sand? Or not much. The ground was covered in slabs of granite, the beach with bits of shattered shells.

Swona Island, Scotland: the setting for my story in Summer Shorts

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