Life in the Time of the Coronavirus

Life goes on, but it’s not exactly the same. In normal times, I alternately call my husband Mr. Travel or Mr. Restaurant. Traveling and eating out are two of his favorite activities, but we’re not doing either at the moment. And every conference I was going to attend has been canceled. That leaves the focus on activities at home–reading, cooking, gardening, watching TV.

So, I was watching a show on HGTV recently. It was one of the many variations of the Property Brothers franchise–this one where the Brothers fix up someone’s current home–not to sell but to make it better for their family. Drew commented–your front hall is a visitor’s first impression of your home. Right, except that we’re not having any visitors besides the plumber, the electrician, the maids and the guy who’s going to fix the leak at the side of the chimney.

Even so, I decided the front hall could use some work. Usually, Norman stores large flat boxes there–which he uses to carry in groceries. (Don’t ask me why they’re not in the trunk of the car.) But since we’re having groceries delivered, I carried the boxes down to his office, which is hopeless under the best of circumstances.

There are two other sources of clutter in the hall. One is a wicker basket full of carry bags–also for groceries, but they have a secondary use–taking my laptop up and down the stairs when I have other things to carry as well. I stacked them all neatly then attacked the wicker stand that holds umbrellas. How many umbrellas do you need, anyway? The answer would be two–if you could count on their not breaking. I stuffed some into the armoire I use for a coat closet and left a couple in the stand.

The hall now looks pretty good. Here’s the bench I made from one of my old kitchen cabinets. It’s a good place to sit if you’re putting on boots, and also great for a cat to sit and look out the window. The cat in the picture is Holly, my rescued feral kitty who has been socialized and converted to house cat status.

Somehow when hours and hours stretch in front of you, it’s harder to get writing done. But I do have a draft of the novella I’m putting in the “Dear Santa” Christmas collection. I love this cover that Michele Hauf made. (I did find the couple myself.)

So, while you’re staying in, are you using the time to declutter your house? Or what?

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