When Things Go Wrong…

I’m sure most of you will agree that as far as having things go wrong, COVID 19 takes the prize, but this week things got really crazy around here when the modem for my Internet service died. Considering we are still under stay home orders for the most part, that spelled disaster!

I had no idea how vital the ability to surf the net and send and receive messages had become in my life. Suddenly, I was cut off from my research, from my e-mail, from any and all social media. I couldn’t tweet or copy information to Facebook, and while I had my cellphone, and while I could do some things with it, I was severely limited. Anything in my computer was inaccessible, and while I could certainly use the computer and work, I couldn’t move anything from my computer to anyone or anywhere else.

Since I have Fibe, when the modem dies, so do the house phones, which means I lose contact with vital information. My mother is in a long term care facility and they send messages to my home phone. Thankfully, my sister still had service and could message me the required information.

But, today we should be back in business. The Internet is up and running thanks to a new modem, delivered within 24 hours, and a technician will be coming today to fix the phones–which still aren’t working. Ain’t technology grand?

Losing the Internet made me realize how much we depend on instant access to the world and got me thinking again how difficult it must’ve been for our ancestors, waiting months for a letter to reach someone and for them to reply. As a multi-genre author, I write historical romance where the answer to a letter can mean life or death. You have no idea how grateful I am to have my instant communication back.

Overton and Anneliese didn’t have the same good fortune. So how did they manage when things went wrong?

Can a cursed treasure unite two lonely outcasts?

Overton Stafford, shunned by his family because of a birthmark on his face, made a life for himself as Second Mate on The Golden Fleece. In a battle with pirates, Overton loses his left arm, ending his career. Knowing he will be a wealthy man makes the pain easier to bear, especially when he discovers he can repay a moral debt and help an old friend. When he meets Anna, Overton realizes he wants more from her than a financial partnership.

Anneliese Van Stubel lost her sight at nine as a result of Smallpox. Now eighteen, a ward of the crown because of the Danish Age of Majority law, she lives in limbo, uncertain what will happen to her. When Overton approaches her with the proposition to help her rebuild the plantation, she’s excited with the idea of returning to her home. But her joy fades when her caregiver makes it plain that he has a different future in mind for her, one that will profit him.

Set in a time when brutality against women and slaves was the norm, Overton seeks to change things as he falls in love with the girl who has lost so much.

Twist of Fate is the first book in the new series The Golden Legacy. It’s available from all Amazon distributors and free to read in Kindle Unlimited. http://bookShow.me/B087QJWMSM

Now, something good has finally happened here. Two weeks ago, we had snow. Today, we have heat and sun. I’m going out to sit in the sun and enjoy my time at home in the yard. And you? What will you do? Stay safe!

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About Susanne Matthews

I'm a retired high school English teacher turned author. I'm Canadian. My husband and I have been married 48 years and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren, as well as 2 step-grandchildren.  I enjoy traveling, especially somewhere warm in winter.

7 Replies to “When Things Go Wrong…”

  1. Modems can be reset. If not then use their setup file in your folder [download usually] or reboot. Because that is what happened to mine today. And in the end I used the ‘system restore point’ and voila! my wifi USB stick antenna or whatever it is called worked. Took a while. Good luck

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