Still at Home Covid-19 2020

It’s May 6th.  This is my third post about being under quarantine. In South Florida, they’ve loosened the reins slightly and opened some parks. The beaches are not open yet, but Sunday, Christopher and I found a secluded bench with a view of the beach so we got to enjoy the salt in the air, the sound of the waves, and ocean breeze. I was beyond grateful to get some ocean air, even if we couldn’t do toes in the sand.

Lauderdale by the Sea

We have been pretty good about staying home—we’ve gone to the store maybe four or five times. We have masks, hand sanitizer, gloves. I miss my family. I can’t wait to give my kids, my mom, my granddaughter, big hugs. I hope for a window of travel time this summer to see them all before a possible second wave hits. The idea of it exhausts me. We are actually considering, once our books are turned in, taking a road trip.

We’re hoping that we’ll be able to get to Costa Rica in July for the last of our dental work. Maybe August.

There is so much out of our control. What I can control? Getting out to walk! How much time I spend on the news. Hitting my writing and editing deadlines. Celebrating holidays, birthdays, and book releases in different ways. Mrs. Morris and the Witch hit the Barnes and Noble Mass Market list at #24—it was a great surprise since Patrice, my co-author, and I had to cancel our book signings. Mother’s Day will be on Zoom or FaceTime.

I’ve been trying to accept, and let go. To be grateful for every moment. I am so glad that my job is to dive into stories because I can lose myself in another world and hope that the world I create allows other readers to escape too! Always with a happy ever after.

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  1. I live close to the ocean, too, about 12 miles, but it’s still so blooming cold here, even if we were allowed on the beach, who would, lol? I hope we all get a little bit of summer. Hugs! xo

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