Into Outer Space

So how did I wind up traveling on a spaceship from Naxion with Max Cassidy and escaped slave Amber in my new science fiction romantic suspense, Escape Velocity?

It’s been a long journey, starting when I was ten. Once a month, in my DC elementary school classroom, the public library delivered a sturdy hamper full of books—enough for every kid in the class. The teacher would put them up on the ledge under the blackboard, and we would go up to pick what we wanted to read.

One day a book went up on the ledge that riveted my attention. It had an illustration on the front cover of an otherworldly creature standing in a strange landscape.

I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I wanted to read it. When the teacher said we could pick our book, I raced up to get that one—beating out a boy who was also heading for the same volume.

The book was Red Planet by Robert Heinlein. I started reading it right away, and I was hooked. It was about a boy who lived in a colony on Mars. The company who owned the settlement was going to put all of the colonists in danger by not letting them migrate for the winter, and the boy and his friend help save everyone. One of the main characters was the kid’s pet—a Martian animal that turned out to be an immature Martian adult.

This adventure story kindled my interest in science fiction. And I went on to read a lot of adult short stories and novels in the field—with Robert Heinlein one of my favorite authors. He often put a very good romance element into his books—although romance was never the main plot.

My first published novel was a kid’s science fiction story, Invasion of the Blue Lights, published by Scholastic. But when a friend asked me if I wanted to write a romance novel with her, I decided to give it a try. Previously, I’d read a lot of science fiction, adventure, and fantasy, and I’d always loved having a romance in the books.

Which is how I ended up on that spaceship, writing a story that combines several of my major loves—science fiction, adventure and a hot romance.

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About Rebecca York

NY Times & USA Today best-seller, Rebecca York, is the author of over 150 books. She has written paranormal romantic thrillers for Berkley and romantic thrillers for Harlequin Intrigue. Her romantic-suspense series, Decorah Security, is set at a detective agency where agents have paranormal powers or work paranormal cases. She also writes an Off-World series where each story is a science fiction romance taking place on a distant planet in the far future.  She also writes the Unbound series for Changeling Press.  View website

2 Replies to “Into Outer Space”

  1. Sounds like a great story. I’ve always loved your other world books. Never could get off of earth myself.

    • Yes, you have to be into science fiction. Interesting that it grabbed me so early–without knowing anything about it.

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