Tossed goals for 2020—it’s only February!

February 6  2020

In January I’d blogged on the subject of the ergonomic keyboard. I want to be healthy in 2020. My writing schedule can be intense, and I’d like to avoid carpel tunnel—makes logical sense to be preventative. At the time of writing, I’d had my laptop up on an elevated shelf on my desk so I wasn’t hunched over. I sat in a chair that helped my back. I had a semi-ergonomic keyboard that I’d worn some of the keys off but was at least at the proper angle for my hands.

I couldn’t quite commit to the other keyboard.

So…I am typing on my laptop at the kitchen table which is not in any way ergonomic, but it is fast and I’m trying to do writing sprints to keep myself from being overwhelmed. Don’t even ask about the kitchen chair. Think IKEA and you’ll understand.

Also, as I’m typing, lol, I’m feeling a little bit embarrassed. It’s like the diet that you say you’re going to be on, but then there’s a round of birthdays and everyone knows you have to eat at least one bite of cake or the birthday person will have bad luck.

Or quitting smoking! Sometimes it takes a few tries before actually kicking the habit—which for me might be going on fifteen years now.

The new keyboard is at my desk, along with the elevated shelf. I can see it from the kitchen table.  On that note of epic fail, I haven’t learned Scrivener either. I read it all. There are pages and pages of instructions. I watched the tutorial. I watched another YouTube tutorial, for people who just wanted to write a story. I asked friends about it.

I then said screw it, and went back to my familiar post-its to plot both books because at this point writing out the names in Sharpie and sticking them on a white paper is just part of the creative process. I don’t have the stories plotted out that way—I have the victim up, and the suspects, and hang it on the wall for a reminder. Then I use my outline, and lists for daily chapter goals. Kind of a hybrid jumbled mess but it’s my mess.

I can see where Scrivener would allow me to type in the descriptions of recurring characters, which is cool, and maybe I can use it for my round two edit to make sure the plot points are all there, but it didn’t help with my creative part  that helps me connect with the characters and story. YET.

I am not giving up…I say as I glare at the keyboard that has taken over my desk.

What goals have you already tossed for 2020?

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