New Year, new stuff—ergonomic keyboard, anyone?

I’m tempted to give you mine before I toss it out the window of our fifth floor apartment. We have a lot of Fed Ex traffic and it should be pulverized within the hour.

**head thunk**

What’s wrong with it?

Well, the keys are at a slope and my fingers keep hitting the wrong ones, so it’s a lot of backup and deleting and cursing. I feel like I’m just learning to type again!!!

I don’t have time for this. With all the writing that I do, I don’t have time to look down at the keyboard—and isn’t that bad for my posture? Which defeats the purpose of having the darn thing!? It just took me forever to type this paragraph without typos.

Ready? I’ll show you one sentence so you see what I mean:

I really7 watnted to haee this jkeyboard so that my writst don’t hurt after a ten hour da at te hethoard.


So. I’m going to look down so that I can make progress otherwise this will take all day lol. I don’t mind the shape of the board, and I need something because last year I wore off the popular letters of the semi-ergonomic keyboard I had, and I still had problems with aching hands. I love telling stories, and for me that requires typing. The older I get the worse my handwriting gets, no lie.

I am using a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard that does feel good on my palms and wrists. I have my monitor lifted so that I don’t look down (normally lol) and I sit in a chair with wonderful back support.

This keyboard has a lot of other bells and whistles that I will probably never use…I just want to get my stories out. On that note, I also installed Scrivener on my laptop to use for all the books I’ve got coming up. My post-its, while wonderful, were not up to some of the rewriting I had to do, and as I just mentioned, my handwriting keeps getting more atrocious. Like, I could be a doctor, kind of bad.

So. New keyboard. New organizational program. Next month I’ll blog about Scrivener, but for now, I’d love to know what keyboards you all like? This one will be lucky to make it the month.



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5 Replies to “New Year, new stuff—ergonomic keyboard, anyone?”

  1. I use a Ducky keyboard. As a touch typist who learnt to type on an Imperial typewriter, the normal PC keyboards are a nightmare. No I’m not celebrating my centenary!!! Lol.
    I found the Ducky solved all my problems . Like your typing example mine was almost unreadable with loads of red lines on the mistakes. The Ducky also healed or rather helped with the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
    There two types, the touch typist push key down and also the normal light push down. Just love mine. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Tracy, I read your news letter and all the problems you’re having.
    Have you thought about using Dragon the Professional Dictation.
    I have a friend who bought one and loves it. She was starting to get carpel tunnel, and she came across the Dragon Dictation.
    Amazon has it .

  3. I love the big wavy ergonomic keyboard, but the slide out keyboard tray on my desk isn’t large enough for it and a mouse next to it. So I bought an Adesso keyboard which is wavy and has an onboard mouse in the center below the 2 sections. Still, it’s hard to train myself to use the onboard mouse because it’s a touchpad which means it’s slower and not as precise as a point and click mouse. This year I’m determined to master it—and use Dragon dictation software more often.

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