It’s just a little bit of smoke-Yeah, right!!

If you have ever had a fire in your house, you might understand the title of my post today! On December 2nd, things got a little crazy in our house. Well, I guess I should say that got a little crazy for me!

I was sitting on my couch a little before nine in the morning, working on my laptop and enjoying my coffee. I’d just finished a book a couple of days before and I was thinking of taking the month off to enjoy the holidays. In fact, I’m pretty sure at the time, I had been digging through recipes that I wanted to try out.

Anyway, as I sat there, there was a huge ZAP that went through my house and my lights flickered. For a moment, I thought that a tree limb must have come down someplace and hit a power line. I didn’t think anything else about it, and a few minutes later went into my kitchen to cook breakfast.

Except when I turned my stove on, I suddenly realized that I could smell something funny, kind of sweet in a way and I checked my burners, then ran downstairs, that funny zapping noise now causing me a little bit of concern. My basement was fine, and I returned to the kitchen, where everything was normal, except the odor was stronger and I glanced toward the hallway. Imagine my surprise when I saw smoke drifting down my hallway!

I rushed down the hall, threw open my office door (Which leads to a big addition to our house — including our bedrooms) and found the room full of hazy smoke! SNAP–talk about a zap! my heart about jumped out of my throat!

Clothes, I needed clothes, shoes too! It’s cold out! I have never gotten dressed so fast, my robe, slippers, PJ’s went everywhere as I looked around and didn’t see any flames. Crap! Was it in the walls? Not good!

I raced back to the kitchen, my dogs were getting antsy, and luckily went right out the back door when I opened it. Phone, keys to the car and I finally called 911.

On my way out of the house, I opened the garage removed my car in case I needed to put my dogs somewhere safe, and then waited.

Four fire trucks showed up at my house. FOUR! I was the talk of the neighborhood for a couple of days, and I even got the chance to meet a few neighbors that I hadn’t really known well.

The good news is that it was a major electrical short in my addition’s heating unit in the attic, and the fire had been contained to that- we were lucky! The bad news… That little bit of smoke caused such a mess!

Over fifty loads of laundry were done the next week, and I slept on the couch for two weeks. My hubby was out of town for the first week, wasn’t he lucky, and when he returned, he snagged a cot from work so he could sleep next to me in the living room.

Everything had to be cleaned, new beds had to be purchased, the walls had to be wiped down, the carpets professional cleaned and the air ducts! Needless to say that I didn’t get much holiday baking done, but that side of the house has never been so clean!

I feel for anyone who has ever had a fire in their house. I could not imagine having lost all of our things, or even a portion. Dealing with insurance and contractors is never fun, but luckily about two weeks after the fire, things started to fall back into place.

Never one to let an opportunity go, of course, my experience will be put to good use as I add it to an upcoming book in the Loving A Young Series! Make sure to check it out! Wesley, Book 1 released in December, and Henley, Book 2 releases on January 25th! Huntley will be the book where I deal with this story. It seems only fitting since Hunt is a fireman!

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About Stacy Eaton

Stacy Eaton is a USA Today Best Selling author and began her writing career in October of 2010. Stacy took an early retirement from law enforcement after over fifteen years of service in 2016, with her last three years in investigations and crime scene investigation to write full time. Stacy is very involved in Domestic Violence Awareness and served on the Board of Directors for her local Domestic Violence Center for three years.

8 Replies to “It’s just a little bit of smoke-Yeah, right!!”

  1. A fire is a scary proposition. So glad you and the dogs were safe. I’ve been unlucky enough to live next to 2 houses that burned. One was arson. (Interesting conversations with fire investigators ensued. I took notes. *g*) The other was a teenage girl who decided to make french fries then received a phone call while they were frying. I saw her dash across the street to a neighbor who was in his yard. He grabbed a water house and ran to her house, and I called 911. Firetrucks there in less than 2 minutes. The house was a total loss. Flames went up the wall next to the stove, hit the soffit, and were in the attic where boxes and boxes of papers were stored. NEVER store paper in your attic.

  2. What a nightmare. Glad you are all ok. We had a kitchen fire. Food in our toaster oven caught on fire, my husband opened the door to get the stuff out. The fire shot up and over our cabinet and the amazingly it went out. Scary stuff. Thankfully the damage was minimal.

  3. Stay, glad you manage to get out on time and call 011. I lived through a fire and I will never forget the fright and chaos we went through. It was Memoial Day years ago. My kids were teenagers at home. I was sick with fever and in bed. My husband was playing tennis early in the moring. Daughter offered to make me a tea. Twenty minutes later, I was still dozing in bed, the TV on, but noticed the hallway was kind of dark. Then I heard my son screaming, “Mom, Lilly, get out of the house. There’s a fire.” With the TV on I didn’t hear the alarm. I called my daughter. She was in the shower. I banged on the door. “Out, out.” She wrapped a towel around herself and we ran out, meeting my son at the front door. He’d already called 911 and used the fire extinguisher to spray the stove, putting off the flames. At 18 he’d saved us and saved the house.The smoke was horrible. I remember thinking, people die of smoke inhalation. My daughter forgot the kettle on the stove. The night before I fried fish. Too tired to wash the pan, I left it on the stove. The oil caught fire in the morning. We stayed in the front yard. But daughter and I were shivering me, in a night gown, she in her towel. My son saved us by putting a wet towel on his face and running in to get her clothes from the bathroom floor and my coat from the closet. The firemen arrived and pushed big hoses into the house. The whole neighborhood gathered in front of our house. When my husband arrived, the police was blocking the street. He almost died when he realized it was his house. The neighbors across the street invited me in and gave me hot tea and tylenol. It took six months to have the house back in shape.

  4. I am glad that you’re okay–it would be very scary, but what a cool head you had! I probably would have gone into panic mode!!

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