Manifesting your Dreams

I’d like for this very personal blog to offer hope and encouragement.

In December 2012, my marriage of 25 years ended. There was no discussion, there was no reasoning…and no way there could be a reconciliation. I worked at Starbucks at the time for medical insurance for our family, part-time allowed full benefits. I was told by my ex that he didn’t want the marriage, or the dogs, or the cat, the house, or any responsibilities. I didn’t have (and still don’t) a college education or a career. I was a writer trying to create a career. To have the net yanked away?

I was terrified to say the least. With the help of friends—thank heaven for friends—I left, with the dogs. I had no idea what I was doing but I refused to be a victim. My pride stung…yes, our marriage had ups and downs, but I thought we would make it. I thought we would be the lucky ones to be surrounded by our kids and grandkids.

I am surprised by the tightening in my heart as I write this seven years later…but this is what is most important—here is what I’d love for you to take away. I didn’t allow my circumstances to keep me in that awful place of being discarded, unwanted, and betrayed. That place sucked 🙂

I could not fix what had happened; I could only move forward. And who was I? I was no longer a wife. I was still a mom but our kids were grown. They didn’t need me. I had to take stock of my life. What did I have?

My mother—biggest ally. Amazing friends, definitely. My stories, yes. I couldn’t give them up. But I didn’t have a house. A husband.  Children at home.

There was something very freeing in getting a furnished apartment by the beach. Taking care of myself and figuring out who I was. My dogs were great companions. I had never in my life lived alone. The beach saved my sanity. I’d walk, and cry, and dream—I was determined to figure out a way to succeed. Though it was very hard, I tried to be fair, to be open, to not be afraid. I wrote a list of what was important to me as a human being. Love, family, friends…I would write. Because of the indie publishing market at the time, in order to make a living, that meant writing romance. I poured a lot of angst into those stories of women healing by the sea, and it helped me heal too. Believing in happily ever after allowed me to be open to love when it came unexpectedly into my life…giving me a partner in all ways.

In December 2013, my divorce was final. I’d visualized writing success, and steps to get there. I had my goals all around the apartment. Every day I made an effort to move forward—with open-ended expectations for what might come. When we “need” something, we chase it away…when we “choose” something, in joy, in love, we create more joy and love.

Now, December 2019…I have hit the USA Today list three times with my ladies at Authors’ Billboard. I have multiple writing contracts for both romance and mystery. Between writing and editing, I can pay the bills…doing something I love. I am not going to lie, there have been plenty of peanut butter sandwiches, lol—but there has also been champagne. Keep dreaming!



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About Traci Hall

From cozy mysteries to seaside romance, USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall writes stories that captivate her readers. As a hybrid author with over sixty published works, Ms. Hall has a favorite tale for everyone. Mystery lovers, check out her Scottish Shire series, set in the seaside town of Nairn, or the Salem B&B Mystery series, co-written as Traci Wilton. Her latest project is an Irish Castle cozy as Ellie Brannigan. Whether it's her ever-popular By the Sea romances, an Appletree Cove sweet romance, or a fun who-done-it, Traci finds her inspiration in sunny South Florida, living right near the ocean. Traci wants to hear from you!

19 Replies to “Manifesting your Dreams”

  1. You’re an incredible inspiration, Traci. Thank you for sharing your story. It might help more people than you realize.

    • Exactly what Melinda said, Traci. *Exactly.* You are amazing, and your bravery when faced with heartbreak and your willingness to share what you went through will definitely be a huge encouragement and comfort to people–and probably on a much larger scale than you could ever know. Thanks for sharing. <3

  2. Thanks Suz! “They” say that time heals…and it does lessen the sting, but there is no immediate fix…as you know, my friend, it’s taking the next step, and the next step and the next step.
    love and hugs to you!!!

  3. P.S. You’re too kind and generous to say it, but your ex-husband is an idiot! I’m so glad you found your happiness (and learned how strong you truly are!) by the sea. <3

  4. So sorry you had to go through the devastation of divorce. Those of us who have been through it know how deep the cut goes and how hard it is to heal if it ever really does.

    But, you made it and I’m so happy for you. You’re a great woman and deserve the best.

  5. Your article touched my heart. Thank goodness there are people caring and brave enough to write of their ordeals and how they overcame them. Now I’m going to wipe my eyes and have a glass of wine. It’s so reassuring and uplifting to know there are people like you around to help the suffering.

    • Thank you Katy–I don’t normally pour my heart out, but I wanted to share the upside…hugs to you! And cheers…I’m raising my glass–I think our time is different

  6. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger, eh, girl?? I remember those days when the rug was pulled from beneath both of us–so glad we had each other to build our own magic carpets. You are an inspiration, a dear friend, a sister-of-the-heart . . . and did I mention you write kick-ass romances??? Congrats on the NY Time Best Seller list. No one deserves it more. Love you, Traci!!!

  7. It isn’t what happens to us that matters; it’s how we react to it. Congrats for not letting the bad moment define you.

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