Dental Tourism-Costa Rica

So, this is trip three to this beautiful country, and my second implant. I am such a fan of Goodness Dental that I figured I’d do my blog to share the word.

When we first came to Costa Rica a year ago to begin the process we’d gotten a very high estimate of what a dental implant could cost in the United States, and there was no guarantee that the price wouldn’t go up if there were complications.

The first thing people ask me is whether or not it was safe—and the answer for us has been, yes. They send an English-speaking driver to the airport to pick you up and deliver you to your hotel or Airbnb. They arrange Uber for transit to and from any dental appointments.

The second question asked is about the quality. The staff is friendly, punctual, and they really care. The quality of both the doctors and the equipment is top-notch and the work they do is guaranteed…

We discovered Goodness Dental when we’d expressed an interest in dental tourism and an acquaintance raved about this place. So, I want to rave too just in case one of you is need of dental work that is astronomical in the states. Our savings has been about 50 percent or more, and that includes airfare (very inexpensive from Fort Lauderdale to San Jose) and costs of an Airbnb. What can be expensive is food, but we have managed that cost by getting an Airbnb with a kitchen J

So, today I have just completed my titanium post. I will get a re-check on Friday, and we leave on Monday, in the event that there are complications over the weekend. Our driver will take us to the airport, at no extra cost, but we like to tip for the service.

Have a great day everyone, and shoot me an email at if you have any questions. And if you are looking for caring, quality dental, check out Goodness Dental!!

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  1. I’m glad you have (apparently we all do) options for alternative, top notch dental care other than in the US, rather than taking out huge loans or going with out treatment because of affordability. Thank you for sharing, Traci – xo


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