Egg on His Face from Three French Hens

I have been busy writing and now have two brand new stories coming out: Three French Hens and Christmas Cupid.

Thinking about the holidays reminded me of the song, the Twelve Days of Christmas, so I wrote a novella called Three French Hens. I pictured my hero stealing eggs from the heroine’s French Hens, and her sic’ing her dog on him. He, of course, runs away, falls, and gets egg on his face. The chocolate brown eggs laid by French hens are considered a delicacy, so she didn’t take kindly to the theft.

That was the set-up. I had to give my hero an acceptable reason to steal the eggs, and then her a good reason to put down her gun and get to know him. In almost all my stories, my heroines know how to handle a gun, since women who live alone in any day and age must be able to protect themselves. In Three French Hens, my modern-day heroine keeps a shotgun handy.

The song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, is all about giving and giving abundantly. My hero wants to rescue the young widow from an evil brother-in-law who is foreclosing on her ranch. He offers all he has but still does not have nearly enough money. How will he help her?

Look for Three French Hens in the Authors’ Billboard set, UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS DREAMS.

UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS DREAMS is now available on Amazon for 99¢, or free in KU. Get yours today.

Christmas Cupid is still on pre-order, this one in the Authors’ Billboard set, CHRISTMAS SHORTS, a collection of new, very short stories designed to be ones you can read quickly during the busy holidays. My Christmas Cupid is young and worried that the arrows he is shooting into a couple won’t hold them together, especially when one of them is flying away.

CHRISTMAS SHORTS is also now available for pre-order on Amazon at 99¢/ Free KU, so grab them both.

Sic’ing is a short form of “seek them”, used a lot in the Pacific Northwest, which is a command we give to dogs. If a person doesn’t know much, we say he doesn’t know sic’cum, which means he’s not as smart as a dog and can’t follow directions. This phrase is used in Three French Hens and the word has many different spellings.

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