Fall in love! #mgtab

Ahhhh, as much as I adore summer and can never get enough of the lovely warm months in my cold hemisphere, there is something about falling into autumn that is lovely too.

The crisp air is invigorating, and the excitement of the kids going to back to school is contagious. I always feel ready to make plans and be extra industrious come September/October, though maybe that’s just the drop in temperature, making staying inside more palatable!

Whatever the root cause, the freshly kindled inspiration and motivation to work is extra handy because THE CATCH—Aisha’s long awaited story!—Book 8 in my River’s Sigh B & B series, hits shelves everywhere in November, and I have tons to do before then.

Aisha is near and dear to me, and I love her stubborn streak and fierce independence. Despite doing great on her own (like a lot of us) and having a deeply sceptical nature (inherited from her birth mom, no doubt, not her sappy romance writing father!), she craves connection, true partnership, romantic love.

I’ll give you a full blurb and a teaser next month, and I can’t wait to share the full story with you in November!

In the meantime, you can prepare by making sure you haven’t accidentally missed any previous books in the series (though, don’t worry, like all the River’s Sigh B & B novels, THE CATCH is a solid standalone).

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About Ev Bishop

Ev Bishop lives and writes in a remote small town in wildly beautiful British Columbia, Canada—a place that inspires the setting for her cozy sweet romance series, RIVER’S SIGH B & B. In addition to writing novels—her favorite form of storytelling!—Ev was a long-time columnist with the Terrace Standard and is a prolific scribbler of articles, essays, short stories and poems. To see her ever growing body of work, please visit her website. When Ev’s nose isn’t in a book or her fingers aren’t on her keyboard, you’ll find her hanging out with her family and dogs, or playing outside with friends, usually at the lake or in some garden somewhere.

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