A Hidden Treasure.

Last time I wrote for the blog, it was about the origin of languages spoken and written. I still intend to do more on that subject, but for the time being, I am happy to share some thoughts with my fellow authors on the promotion of books old and new. 

In the very beginning, I had a publisher, but that was quite short-lived – too many restrictions. I switched to Indie and have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of choosing when and what I would like to write. I also have this urge to write across the genres often within the same book, so it doesn’t help my being discovered by some publisher who is going to offer me a six-figure income, fame and the number I in Kindle Amazon.  No, I don’t think that’s going to happen. So I shall stick to saying tongue in cheek, I am so happy to be writing for myself.

 So onwards and upwards. I see Amazon now have a genre named Mashup which really suits me. At present, I am writing an erotic comedy and also a semi-serious medical book, following that is a historic trilogy weaving away in the back of my mind. They are all so different in genres, though. I didn’t mean to write erotica, and maybe it isn’t. Rather it could be sweet erotica!!  Nothing (cough – cough) ever happens if you know what I mean. But there are some humorous, side-splitting expressions.

This leads me into my thoughts on the visibility of an author’s works. For a few years, I relied on Facebook, Twitter, and the occasional Google Ad, but now I find them to be quite ineffective. Especially as Facebook has insisted on Author pages; therefore keeping the main news thoroughfare free of authors promoting their books or readers searching for them. The author pages are a good idea, as authors can freely interact, concentrating solely on our books, but where does that leave our pool of would-be readers? I notice there is one author page that concentrates on readers and writers, and that is great, but so far it seems to be the only one! But, still I feel especially with FB, we authors are not allowed to engage with the general public for would-be readers and buyers.

I have found that putting my novels on the Authors Billboard website really does engage with the public. Through ill-health, I have been off the scene really for some time but before this period and now on recovering, I find that each time I put a book cover on Authors Bill Board, I truly sell some half a dozen books, new and old. I also find that boxsets have the same effect. I’ve just had a couple of readers  from India asking for two of my books that formed part of a trilogy. I had unpublished them whilst I renewed the covers. I feel sure the people read the first book of the trilogy in a box-set.

Now, to come to the subject of visibility; there are  some brilliant authors out there who are most probably feeling disheartened  as the usual outlets of FB, Google and Twitter fail to bring a response from would-be buyers of their new books.  I was too, as I put on a new comedy, having never written in that genre before only to find it was to put it politely a ‘bummer’ I’d tried FB and Twitter to no avail and then I got caught by those ‘TWEET ‘sites where they happily promise to get the book viewed by thousands upon thousands of readers, only to see my happy comedy die and sink like a brick to the ocean’s bottom.

Feeling a little low and vowing never to write comedy again, a friend, a fellow author kindly showed me the way – promotion sites – yes I know they’ve been around forever, but these are different, they are what they say they are, they truly do promote.   I am stunned at the response from using just two of these sites. My book ‘Listen to the Chicken’ shot up into the stratosphere in the Amazon Satire genre. So a big thank you to my friend. I realize now promotion means visibility through authentic promotion sites to the general reading public – no promises of thousands of tweets, no assurances of honest reviews, just pure promotion.  So I shall stick like glue to them.

I hope this helps some authors out there. Don’t feel disheartened; you know you can write. You have created something precious; something never read before an original work – a creation. It’s like a new species of the tree never seen before, yes it might have a trunk, branches, and leaves but it is an individual. So are you, you’re good, even maybe a genius, I am generally speaking here as you don’t have to be a genius to write, that can actually get in the way. I think it’s more to do with passion, emotions, the ability to arouse  feelings and connecting with your reader.

 So, your book can be the next high flyer; the next no. 1. It’s not the book that is failing; it’s the visibility that is lacking. It’s rather like the old fairy-tale, the princess imprisoned in the tower or another hidden away sleeping for a hundred years – they are saved by visibility – the prince. So nurture your creation, nurture it with authentic promotion sites – google them. I wish you every success.

So, as usual, I have been nattering away, but I shall cut it short. Intermittent visibility on the promotion sites with sensible fees is the way.

Just a little addendum, my ‘Chicken’ book soared twice, but now it needs a cannon to keep it up in the dizzy heights of the paid lists. I realize you just have to keep it up.  One promotion is not enough; so as I have already written, you have to promote intermittently. So good luck dear authors, I am so happy to be with you all again and wish you every success. 

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About Katy Walters

Katy lives on the South coast with her husband and a loving hyper friendly dog who likes to greet and lick everyone on sight. She has a BA Hons (Psych) BA Eng.Lit. MA in Religion and Mysticism and a Hon Dr. Science for research into pain control. She was a psychologist and hypnotherapist before changing direction for full time creative writing, Her main genres are historical romance, crime and science fiction.

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