Travel Bug

Packing for Greece—what do you need to know when you leave the country?

So, I am beyond excited as I type this blog. I have never been to Greece before and it looks beautiful.
If you know me, you know that I love the beach, and the ocean. I feel a pull toward the water that feeds my spirit. I love history, and Greece is full of ancient stories. I can’t wait to see the cave houses for myself, to see the blue, blue water, to taste the local food and hear the conversation.
To imagine what it was like back then—way, way, back—and compare that with the modern beauty of Santorini, and Athens.

What to pack, what to wear, what kind of money to bring? I am grateful to be going with Aleka Nakis ( for a writing retreat. She is taking care of all the coordination of where we are supposed to be, how to get there, and she even sent a suggested packing list—where has this woman been all my life??
Thank you very much for that!!

We will need to use the euro, which we can get from an ATM. The weather will be 70s in the day, 60 at night. Walking shoes and flip flops. Local food—feta cheese the size of your fist, lol, and ouzo. What is that? Greece’s specialty drink.

I have always loved being able to travel, and this is the farthest I’ve gone…yet. Who knows what the future brings?

Do you have the travel bug? What is your favorite place in all of the world?



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