Spring Sparkle and Soaring

The business of writing is a boon to the soul. This past month I’ve been forced to undergo a new lifestyle. As many of you will concur through your own experience, jump-starting into an unknown future is both daunting and exhilarating.

I treasure the memories…

You know the butterflies tickling your belly when you either release a new story, or read one that that makes you say, “Ah?” Those flutters remind me of the time Joe and I went to California and took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up the Chino Canyon 18,00 feet up into the clouds, with my brother and his bride. Joe was scared silly and refused to venture onto the rotating platform, while me and my family embraced the scenic view far above the earth.

I’m telling you, we were high enough to imagine we were looking down from an aircraft,
and reminding us of that Soaring attraction in Walt Disney World – exhilarating.

Creating a story is a labor of love, but if an author’s muse has been damaged by personal crisis, it needs time to heal and reflect on better days gone by, as it awaits some semblance of normalcy to return. That’s the daunting part – However, through loving support from its advocates and the natural instinct to fashion entertainment for readers, a muse just needs a little help from its friends, when it’s just a little out of tune.

Please enjoy this selection from The Beatles – the words will explain why my muse is on the road to recovery: https://youtu.be/0C58ttB2-Qg

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2 Replies to “Spring Sparkle and Soaring”

  1. My late husband and I took that tram ride, then hiked all over the top along the trails they have there. Was one of the highlights of Palm Springs. This is when memories comfort you.

  2. Thanks, Nancy, for sharing your experience, wasn’t that a cool ride? I shared the picture because it was definitely a fantastic memory. I’m glad you and I shared it. xo

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