Airboat ride through the Everglades—hard pass on the frog legs

I am so excited to write this blog today and share with my fellow South Floridians the amazing wildlife and nature trails we have in our backyard. I can’t remember all that our driver said about fresh water and salt water and Lake Okeechobee, but to be honest, my attention was on the alligators we saw everywhere. And blue herons, which seem to be a thing in my life that I plan on delving into later. Yellow snapping turtles you don’t want to mess with either, or the saw grass that is smooth if you touch it the right way, but can cut you to the bone if you do it wrong. Lots of dangerous beauty. 

I can’t believe that I’ve lived in Florida since 2001 and this is the first time I’ve done this—sure, we did other gator tours with the kids, so I’m not sure how we missed the airboat. I highly recommend it if you have the chance! At no time did I feel unsafe as the guides were fun and informed, and told us to keep our hands inside the boat if we wanted to keep our fingers, lol

Air plants, willow leaves that cowboys  used to chew after a long day to relieve pain, and the bulb of the lily plant the Indians (I can’t remember the tribe) could eat for nourishment. Our driver (Sam) had us whipping around the two foot-deep water between twenty-five to thirty miles an hour at one point—a blast! He gave us cotton for our ears to help with the giant fan behind us. I would do it again in a flash, I had so much fun. We passed a grove of mangroves and we were allowed to get out of the boat, into the clear water. I sank into the soft spongy mud but what a thrill.

We used Coopertown Airboats:


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  1. What a fun time, and one I’d like to experience someday, Traci! We’ve been to Key West and I’ve tried the alligator just so I could say I did, to chewy and gross for my palate! Hold the frog legs, too! Hugs!

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