No! It can’t be 2019 already?! Seriously?? Where did the time go! #mgtab @mimisgang1

Okay – someone smack me on the side of the head. It’s New Year ’s Day for 2019 and I honestly don’t know what happened to the last few months of 2018.

Have you ever had a year like that?

It’s mind-warping.

I used to hate the days when I was younger that seem to go on forever, but I’d sure like a few of them now.  You know those days where the time went by so slowly that you filled them in with frivolous things like reading a book, going for long walks or talking on the phone to as many friend’s who’d answer when they saw your name on their caller ID.

Nowadays, if I force myself to do some of those things, I’m finding myself in a rush, walking double time and skimming the book pages rather than letting each word sink in.

To make things even worse, I allow guilt to attack because I haven’t called people for so long they probably won’t recognise my voice. And… because so much time has passed, I can’t stand the thought of that tiny tone of sarcasm when they go on about how long it’s been since they’ve heard back from you – even though they left a number of messages…. awww just shoot me now!

So – it’s time to instigate some changes, to live every day, stringing things out for as long as it’s possible. I’m thinking that when we slow down, so will the clocks. When we stop thinking we need to rush around, maybe we’ll have moments of boredom, moments when we can fill in with special pastimes like lunch with a friend, joining new groups to follow interests we’ve always set aside or maybe to finish a lot of projects that are decorated with cobwebs all over the bags.

What a fantastic idea!!

It would be so sweet to get to the end of week without saying, OMG it’s already Friday???

My wish to all of you wonderful friends is to have your inner clocks slow down. To live every day to the fullest! To fill yourself with so enjoyment in life that once the end of the week arrives, you will think I can’t believe how much I accomplished, my days were filled and I loved every long minute.

I also want to take this moment to thank you for supporting our wonderful authors here at the Authors’ Billboard. We will never forget your unbelievable kindness.

Big hugs and lots of loving wishes,

Happy New Year!




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About Mimi Barbour

NYT & USA Today, best-selling, award-winning author, MIMI BARBOUR, has seven romance series to her credit. She also has many single titles and a huge number of box sets - her own and multi-author collections. Mimi lives on the East coast of Vancouver Island with her husband and writes her various romances with tongue in cheek and a mad glint in her eye. She's been known to say: "If I can steal a booklover's attention away from their everyday grind, absorb them into a fantasy love story, and make them care about the ending, then I've done my job." **Visit her blogs at / **Sign up for her monthly newsletter at Her reviews are numerous and incredibly positive: "Love Mimi Barbour, love her books. When you can read a book that within just a few words, you are brought right into the book. You feel, taste, see everything going on. Great story lines. Fantastic characters, fantastic plots, story lines like real life both honest folk and of crooks. Humor that will have you giggling then full on belly laugh. You may even shed a tear or two. All in all, Mimi never disappoints." ~ Reviewed by Shirleen Miller

11 Replies to “No! It can’t be 2019 already?! Seriously?? Where did the time go! #mgtab @mimisgang1”

  1. This is so true. The last year is little more than a blur and now that my kids have moved across the country, I realize how much time I wasted.
    My word for 2019 is BREATHE.
    I plan to slow down and take the time to appreciate my friends and family more and social media less. {{hugs}}

    • That’s what I’m talking about. I wish I had those last months back so I could just be… spend more time with the people I love and not rush around like a dog after his tail. From now on… xo

  2. So absolutely true, Mimi. What scared me was writing 2019 on a check and realizing that I was going to have to fight that all year…because I wanted to put the 19 first, like I had for so many years. 1967, or 1981, or 1954. And now I have to write 2019! Impossible. I can picture the number of cross-outs this will lead to. Anyway, Mimi, just be happy when 2020 gets here and we no longer have this problem. (Can we just skip this year?) And I don’t panic that it’s Friday, I panic when it’s Tuesday and I don’t have a book put in the newsletter yet.

  3. Because 2018 was filled with new challenges for many of us, you and a few of the ladies more than others, I’m glad to see it gone. The sad issues to face in 2019 will take a LOT of slow breathing for some of us, just as our successes will be welcome and embraced. Hope provides a good balance, don’t you agree?

    Happy New Year, Mimi.

  4. Oh, Lord, you’re so right, Sue. Hope is the golden thread weaving everything in our lives tightly together. It’s what keeps us going. When you hope – it matters and what matters gets taken care of either through prayers or our own energy.
    Therefore, I HOPE you have a much better year than expected and that your dreams DO come true.

  5. You’re so right, Mimi. We have to slow down and enjoy the people around us. On Christmas day, I couldn’t believe that the three lovely young ladies around me were my adorable granddaughters. Why were they wearing heels and light lipstick and mascara? They were supposed to be my little girls, to come sit on my lap, ask me to play with them… Instead, they chatted together and played on their phones! And I was just staring and wishing I didn’t spent so much time on my computer two years ago… I’m glad I have you all, my friends, around and I’m glad you’re not changing and growing up anymore!

    • Oh Mona. I had a similar experience with my niece and nephew this year at Christmas. Jenna, 23, is moving to her own apartment on Feb 1st and her mama is chirping around the nest like a worm is strangling her. And 20 year-old Jake is soooo grown up, I couldn’t recognize him behind his bearded face. Whaa??!! Our babies are growing up. Darn good thing we’re staying the same – right? LOL!

  6. Great advice, Mimi! 2018 was a freaking up and down whirlwind that it might take all of 2019 to recover from lol–sending lots of love your way, and to all at Authors Billboard–you’ve chosen wonderful ladies to be a part of this group. xoxo Traci
    ps–I bet your friends would love to hear from you, no matter how long it has been!!!

  7. I think you looked inside my head and copied my thoughts. Everything you said is spot on. I’d like to slow time so I could enjoy the moments more…slow it down so I could hold on tighter to those I love.

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