Maybe It’s The Monster In Me

My mother was born on November 1, All Souls Day, but I think she was meant to be born a day earlier, on Halloween. She never missed a horror movie. I know because she took me with her when I was a kid, and the creatures I saw in those movies populated my nightmares. Horror has always been a love-hate thing with me. I was a latch key kid and I was convinced The Creature From the Black Lagoon lived in the basement. Heart thundering, I would make sure the basement door was latched (yeah, like that would stop a monster, but hey, I was only seven) before unlocking the door to my apartment.

Mom made me take her to see The Exorcist–possibly the story that was simply too real, too close to the bone, for me. Mom, of course, loved it. And then she wanted me to take her to a haunted house for Halloween. Her reaction to the actors in costumes was to inform me she wanted to go to a real haunted house. Sure, someone whose house is haunted always wants tourists…

Although I still share Mom’s fascination with the paranormal, I can’t watch a horror movie alone. My pulse races and I want to squeeze my eyes shut. That’s the point of horror, of course, but I’m a bigger fan of dark paranormal that is closer to the books I write.

So if the paranormal scares me so much, why do I go there? Why do I watch it, read it, write it? Maybe it’s the monster in me. I may write fiction but I always know I’m writing something about myself, even when the characters are dark and lost.

All villains are not created equal. Some are hidden and some are out in the open. The most interesting villains for me—the ones most fun to write—are ones who are portrayed in three dimension. Even more interesting are the conflicted villains who do bad things for a “good” reason. They keep me glued to the story—even my own, like one in Wolf Moon—wondering if there is some way he or she will be redeemed.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has always been top on my list. The horror was mixed with humor and incredible internal conflict. Spike was my favorite and he could be really bad or heroic…and always interesting. I at least try nearly every paranormal offering on television. I’m sad The Originals with its vampires, werewolves and witches came to an end this year, even if it did have a gruesome scene or two every episode. Those conflicted villains can get to me—I must admit I shed some tears watching the final episode.

So what spooky stories do I have to offer you today? Wolf Moon is one. It’s part of The McKenna Legacy series, but it’s also one of the seven stories in a new collection for the season called Dangerous Temptation–Dark Passion. Feed your hunger for paranormal love.

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  1. Congrats on your new set, and know I relate regarding the monsters lurking under the bed syndrome – Except you left out the scary clown part! *shivers*

    Happy Halloween, Patricia!

    Sue xo

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