Keeping Christmas No Matter What

Reflecting over the past sixty plus years, I’ve proven that life can be falling apart but traditions will not be ignored. An example: I remember my mother being half-dead with pneumonia and insisting we take her to Walmart to buy my sister a cake and gifts for her birthday. It was not acceptable to give me the list because she had to do the shopping herself. In my story, the family insists life will go on as normal at all costs when tragedy strikes before a holiday.

Christmas in the Clouds is the movie that inspired me to write Christmas with the Clouds.

In the movie, a Native American son, Ray has just returned from college to run the ski lodge in Utah that his father once managed. A comfortable environment where employees’ children play in the lobby and the handyman hits on guests, the lodge isn’t four-star travel guide material. So when Ray learns that a representative from a famous travel guide is coming to inspect, he makes a complete overhaul of the hotel. Getting his father to stay out of the way is a minor issue, shadowed by dealing with the eccentric staff, which includes the vegetarian chef who takes pleasure in naming the animals diners are eating.

Despite Ray’s careful plans, everything goes wrong. Beautiful Tina arrives at the lodge and Ray mistakenly thinks she’s the travel writer and sets about giving her the royal treatment while the real travel writer is ignored and is subject to hilarious hotel bungling. Read the review on Rotten Tomatoes here. 

Although my story, Christmas with the Clouds is not a comedy, there are some parallels with the movie. The action takes place in Utah, but the family returns to their roots at the Indian Reservation in Lapwai, Idaho after a tragedy ruins their Christmas. What happens next is unexpected. My heroine, Tracy’s presence with the family seems to make their grief turn around. Because of Tracy’s small child, Jasmine, they decide that Christmas cannot be canceled. It becomes a healing, almost joyful time for everyone.

For the story, I drew on an experience of a year ago. Preparations for my granddaughter’s birthday loomed ahead. Ponies, a taco truck, and a lifeguard for the pool were all arranged when my son received a life threatening diagnosis the morning of the party. My desire was to get into bed and stay there for the rest of my life. My daughter-in-law said, “no way.” The show would go on.

The bouncy house and water slide were installed and inflated. Relatives from Michigan and Pennsylvania arrived from the airport; friends from all over California showed up by noon. Soon, their backyard was filled with twenty children and their parents, nannies and helpers. I was overwhelmed by the chaos. The ponies were hysterical, wearing headdresses of flowers. The taco truck was the perfect accompaniment. For a few hours, our worry and pain were alleviated by a child’s birthday party.

In Christmas with the Clouds, it takes a year for the characters to cycle through their grief. Finally, by the following Christmas, although they will never forget their loss, something wonderful ensues and they take the next step in moving on with life.

In our instance, a year later as life had returned to our new normal, my granddaughter’s next birthday approached. The celebration was just as chaotic, but without the dread. We all marveled that we’d weathered the year, and had some good news with which to rejoice.

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Love Christmas, 2 was the perfect vehicle to get me to write the story that had been simmering away for a year. The holidays provide so much for us, in spite of the busyness. The danger is allowing the gift buying and meal preparations to overshadow the fun – getting together with our friends and families, reinforcing traditions for our children to carry on, and just the break in routine. If you celebrate the holidays, what are you planning?

I especially love to hear about the traditional foods served; everything from ethnic favorites to all time American dishes like green bean casserole. Our free recipe book has new dishes to try this year.

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11 Replies to “Keeping Christmas No Matter What”

  1. Suz:

    Reading your post was very helpful for me today.Joe was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness last week, and altho I’ve been trying to keep busy with the WIP for our new set, I’ve been struggling and depressed – thank you for putting things into perspective. Instead of mooning about, I must change my attitude. Thus, I LOVED what you had to say altho some it wasn’t pretty. The presentation was great all thru your writing. Thank you for helping – God’s way of showing me a better path came thru you, I’m convinced.

    Sue xo

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your and Joe’s hard news, Susan. Praying you peace and strength as you face this together–and hopefully some comfort and encouragement too.

      • Sitting on the couch with Joe and he’s helping me with the cover design for the new set via cell. Ev, you had it spot on about Suzanne’s post being so inspirational. Especially since it turned my attitude around for the better. Suz says this group is a lifeline and and boy, it sure is. I appreciate and feel the strength from all of you. Thank God for you all.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this, Suzanne. A good reminder and an encouragement: some holidays are definitely harder than others and sometimes the toughest ones end up being the most important, special, profound . . . I hope your family’s new “normal” has shining moments of peace and love, but I’m sorry that you have to walk this hard road at all.

    • Sitting on the couch with Joe and he’s helping me with the cover design for the new set via cell. Ev, you had it spot on about Suzanne’s post being so inspirational. Especially since it turned my attitude around for the better. Suz says this group is a lifeline and and boy, it sure is. I appreciate and feel the strength from all of you. Thank God for you all.

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