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The First Kiss is very important in a romance novel—actually, all kisses are important to a Romance Author. They’re important in real life too, aren’t they?

A kiss has been called many things through the years. In years past, people called a kiss a buss, i.e., buss her on the cheek.

Whether you call it kiss, smack,  buss, or kissy kissy—defined by Urban Dictionary as, “A cute way to say it would be nice to kiss you because I want to”—kisses are a lot more popular today than they were centuries ago.

Hard To Believe

Most of the world never heard of kissing until the beginning of European exploration of the rest of the world. Explorers tried to kiss the indigenous people of the countries they entered. According to many journals, native people either endured it or ran in terror.

As late as the 19th century, the Chinese thought kissing was perverted. Some even thought it expressed cannibalistic tendencies. According to one journal, when a nonkissing African tribe first saw two Europeans kissing intimately, they laughed hysterically.

Of course, there were some exceptions. The Kama Sutra had an entire chapter on The Kiss.

Subject of Songs

The Kiss figures prominently in popular songs: This Kiss, Kiss on My List, Shut Up and Kiss Me, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Kiss an Angel Good Morning, Kiss and Say Goodbye, Shoop Shoop Song aka It’s In His Kiss, I Wanna Kiss You All Over, Sealed With a Kiss, and Kiss From a Rose just to name a few.

The Things We Kiss

Dice and lottery tickets for luck. The Blarney Stone for eloquence.  The Pop’s ring as a sign of obedience and respect. The Pope kisses the ground when he arrives in a new country. People kiss their dogs and cats.

Parents kiss a child’s boo boo to make it better. We kiss those we love—best friends, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, and lovers.

The First Kiss in Romance NovelsCover Art for Brianna Season of Miracles and Love, Christmas 2

In my latest romance, Brianna’s Season for Miracles, written for the Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love Holiday Collection, Brianna wants to kiss the hero, but she resists. She has a really good reason for her reluctance which you’ll learn when you read my story.

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    • Thanks, Jacquie. Interesting subject. I didn’t include the theories of how kissing came about. Everything from momma bird feedling her babies to Romans kissing a woman to see whether she’d been getting into the wine which was forbidden for women to drink.

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