Please, Don’t Tell a Soul..

Please! Don’t tell a soul, but I’m ashamed to admit my writing almost took precedence over my personal life, for a while.

Gasp – there, I’ve said it – does this apply any other authors out there?

My claim to limited fame is I’m a romance author, albeit with a touch of humor or paranormal, but balancing a career with a bunch of beloveds, like a hubby, adult children (his and mine), and ten grandkids must truly come first.

Thank God I saw the light…

Me and you know who…

This is my sweet sixteen Savannah…

How I make it work:

Scheduling became my priority and adhering to it, most of the time. I’m a late riser, so my hub and I share our lunch together, watch the late news, and then it’s off to the computer for me. Emails are checked, updates on social media are viewed and replied to, and then later, the best hub on the planet does the food shopping. This chore is a tribute to Joe and others like him, since we live in a congested 55 and over township, and our grocery store is packed ALL the time. Plus, I hate food shopping… While Joe’s out conquering the world, I market current projects – our boxed sets, my personal catalogue, and other friends returning the favor. Once or twice a week, we babysit for my youngest grandchild, a three-year old boy who, in spite of his exhausting antics, always makes us laugh.

Speaking of marketing: We at the Authors’ Billboard have a new pre-order in place: Sweet and Sassy Weddings – Happily Ever After Romance: Here’s the blurb: “With this ring I thee wed, says the groom, and the bride smiles, always beautiful, always dreaming of a happy future. Whether she is young or not that young, a hopeless romantic or an Ice Queen, a vocalist or an attorney, a mail-order bride or a poker-bet fiancée, a single mom or a stay home mother and widow, our bride dreams of love and passion, and a walk down the aisle. Celebrate true love and commitment with SWEET and SASSY WEDDINGS, nine breathtaking stories from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, all award-winning authors.”

For Readers Over the Top About Passionate Romance, we’re also proud to offer this: Unforgettable Heroes – Unforgettable Passion “These gents don’t come along often, but when they do, they can rock YOUR world & curl the toes of every woman who dares to love them. Unforgettable Heroes – Unforgettable Passion~ Strong, protective heroes women can’t help but love.”


Have you met our Sweet Heat: Where Romance and Suspense Meet team? Then, it’s time you do! Hot Stuff~ #KU/99c SWEET HEAT: WHERE ROMANCE & SUSPENSE MEET~ Passion, suspense, mystery. Stories to suit every reader’s taste. Grab your favorite beverage and curl up with us for an unforgettable escape. Check Our Reviews!

Our Valentine Collection is a Total Sweetheart, filled with Sweet or Sassy Romances: “If you’ve ever been struck by Cupid’s Arrow, you know Love has the power to change you and your world. If you’ve ever been in love, then you know there is no feeling more exquisite than being held by the one you love.


Last but not least, I’m happy to share I have a pre-order for a new Paranormal Romance in progress: Honeymoon in Coffinville

The skinny: “After buying an ancient mansion in dire need of a makeover, lovers Shannon and Rick Burke are treated to more visions than they bargained for. A well in their back yard reveals a bucket of bones, and an old trunk is found in the attic as if it were intended just for them – loaded with secrets.”  An Amazon exclusive, and part of our about to be released Paranormal Collection, come later this May

Sure hope I’ve shared enough delectable stories to keep YOUR Kindles happy this Memorial Day Weekend – we at The Authors’ Billboard are so grateful you hopped by, as we’d be nothing without YOU! For more of our divine Collections, please visit The Authors’ Billboard website! Happy Reading, People!









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About Susan Jean Ricci

A late bloomer to the writing life, Susan Jean Ricci's been mighty busy the past six years. The award-winning, internationally read, From Women's Pens author and humorist, Susan's best known for her series of works titled Cindy's Crusades that includes two novels, Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems and The Sugar Ticket, the short chronicle Twilight and Chickadees, and a collection of short stories titled Heart Marks the Spot. Susan's novel Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems is a Multi Award winner. Its Sequel The Sugar Ticket placed first for Outstanding Women's Fiction category in the IAN 2016. The sassy My Sexy Chef won a second place award in the novella category via the Global Ebook Awards 2016, and has inspired the hot sequel Chaos in the Kitchen. Susan also specializes in short stories and novellas. Included are Christmas shorts, but she favors the romantic or humorous side of the equation, and that's what you'll find about her writing the most.

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