Food Truck Heaven

So, while everyone is talking about healthy and wise for the new year, Christopher and I braved the cold (for Florida, lol) weather in Pompano for the town’s first Friday of the month food truck and art festival. Chris’s sister is in from Chicago for the holidays so our forty degree weather was nothing to her as we stood in various lines for arepas, smoked barbecue, burgers piled high with slaw and fries, and pulled pork. My favorite was the grilled corn on the cob. Oh, and crab and shrimp macaroni and cheese. Yum!

Turns out there are quite a few breweries in Pompano and we hung out at Odd Breed where they specialize in sour beers. They also have mead, cider and wine–and the atmosphere, with barrels and various tables, was very fun. Also pet friendly!

If you are local, Pompano has a green market every Saturday with everything from coffee to seafood. See, I’m so focused on the food that I forgot to mention the cool art set up. Artists are in the building doing actual work and showcasing their talents. Paintings, ceramics and mixed media art.We definitely will go again—hopefully February it won’t be so cold.

What tempts you out of your warm house on a winter night?  Have a great day and don’t forget to feed the muse something besides salad–mine prefers beef brisket…

Happy New Year!


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5 Replies to “Food Truck Heaven”

  1. Sounds like a fun day, Traci! We have a lot of food trucks and micro-breweries in Houston. Even my Darling Hubby brews beer. *g*

    Btw, we’ve been hovering at or below freezing for a week in Houston. Can’t remember it being this cold for so long. We escaped to the country yesterday. Today, it’s warmed up to 60 and the sun is shining.

  2. I love truck vendors, our local winery has special events like you described, but not as fancy, like no shrimp. There’s 2 seafood festivals nearby in the summer but we stopped going because of the crowds – not cuz we’re anti-social but we can get seafood anytime, we’re so close by. Hoping to a warmer day tomorrow, it’s supposed to go up to 33~ I’m hearing about lot’s of frozen pipes in our area.

    Bring on Spring!

    Sue xoxo

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